Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Letter to an ugly man

To whom it may concern,

You have many sides and I have seen all side of yours. Clad in those Armani-Exchange shirt and silk tie, you happened to be one of the high profiled executives and I know how proudly you think of yourself. Do you know that they hate you, those ladies especially when you touch them on their back and stare at their chest while they do the talking? You may not be surprised that I knew this stuff of yours because it’s just too obvious. They don’t find the guts to act against you for the only reason that you are superior to them and this job is the only thing that will bring food on the table.

But there’s something else that I knew about you that you maybe surprised. The person that you became after coming home, the kind of beast that you transformed in that white shirt and cargo shorts. As soon as you open up that beer can, the beast side of yours came to the surface and the rest will be another day of nightmare for your wife and kids to endure.

Almost everyday she shows me the bruises and red marks all over her face and her back. She tried to put on make ups, but they failed to veil those scars. Whenever she shared her stories with me, I held back my tears, for the reason it could make her even weaker. She told me that she’s tough, she could work it out and there’s no way than staying with you for the sake of her kids. But then one day she was sobbing hard, cheek reddened and tears flowing and with interrupted speech she told me that your 16 years old son had started to follow your path. He started to sneak out the whiskeys and cigarettes from the shelves. I was hopeless but she was helpless. I hugged her and let her cry for a while, and then drive her back to the same hell called home. Since that day, she stopped smiling once and for all. I knew she lied about the ‘being tough’ part.

You have disappointed your wife, your mother and your sisters, but all this doesn’t matter that much because the saddest part of this story  is that you have disappointed your daughter, the eight years old little girl that will hide herself in the cupboard whenever the beating and abusing starts. That’s how it all gets started, the trembled hands still trembling whenever she hears your footstep.

You have stolen her childhood and her dreams for a better future. Now every time she sees a man, your image will be haunting her all her life.

I’m sorry to say this, you don’t even qualify to be called a man, because real men don’t abuse. One day, all the scars might disappear, the wounds might heal but those moments will be forever imprinted on their minds. Everything that you did will be reflected back upon you, and regrets will creep in…but it will be too late..the damage had been done,there’s no chance of returning back because the heart might forgive but can never forget.

May God never bless you!

A Stranger that hates you
Ok peeps.let’s talk !!!

I have written this in conjunction of the 7th Annual ‘It’s time To Talk day’ a day that is, in the words of Violence UnSilenced board member Stacy Morrison “dedicated to just this one goal: to start and continue conversations about relationship abuse, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. This post was made to be fictitious but I can’t deny the fact that some part of this post holds truth.

If you know anyone in your close circles suffering from any kind of abuse, please for God’s sake help them to get some help. Remember your simple act of kindness can save a life, or more lives in some cases.Information on the campaign can be viewed here and there. Some words can make a big difference...
.........and LOVE SHOULD NOT HURT!!!!

Signing off,
The other Side of Me


  1. Uggg..I used to know someone who was like this. He belonged to my family and pretty close to me. He is now no more but the things he did,or did not do, remain etched in my mind !

    Hey a personal request, which u can ignore. Dont hate me but pls can u remove the music ipod widget from ur blog?

  2. No one can muffle this voice.

    Sad part of it is,most among us continue to suffer without raising a voice, to fight against the abuse.

    Bravo for your this step gal...Love should not hurt!

  3. @Red handed noe wat I know someone like that too..and he's still alive..I dont understand even though he's done something really bad but ppl still respect him..gosh..I HATE THAT man..i know stuff like that remain etched in mind :/

    Hehe..I wont hate you and i wont ignore you,lets see what i can do with that ;)

  4. @Beyond Horizon

    Yeah too bad some women suffer silently..
    I just did my part :) Thanks honey Love should never hurt

  5. This is a great post and i fully support your views and equally oppose any kind of abuse. But i wish you also address this letter to those UGLY WOMEN who also exploit men. Sounds ridiculous and stupid but trust me in this modern corporate world. There are a good number of women out there who equally abuse men emotionally, sexually and financially. I know someone who destroyed a happy life because she was in a higher position than him and cud control his actions and forced him to do terrible things that destroyed his happy life. Sad part is, she just made that innocent gal face and eveyrone forgot that she even existed. she got away because she happened to be a gal and society never takes women abusing a man that seriously.

    But yes i agree that females are more subjected. And honestly, if we want to bring the change. we have to bring change right from childhood when kids are growing up. then only they will grow up and become normal things.

    Here is a question for you? WHy is it tat when a male teacher has sex with minor he is awarded 100% of time a jail sentence but when a female teacher abuses a male student, most of the time she is given probation or minimal sentence?

    And sexual abuse is just a part of it. I think emotional abuse and financial abuse is the biggest and most prevalent thing that exists in corporate world. Making a worker work 48hrs so that he/she cant go home, holding a women's pay for weeks, delaying a loan.

    Plase address your letter to the UGLY ANIMAL we call HUMAN BEING who always comes up the most innovative way to torture and harass its counterparts.

    Phewwww... this was a long post. he he.

  6. A good way to raise awareness about spousal abuse and the impact on children.

    I laugh at "May God never bless you."

  7. love should not hurt for sure...abusive relationships are very common in our society. we have to fight against it together...glad you brought the ugly side out....

  8. Speechless. Very very sad that women don't do anything to react. But some women are just destined to remain silent and bear all the pain. And the campaign is a lovely step put forward

  9. This is sad :( Bloody guys even don't deserve to be called as Man, let alone real man. I don't understand how people go to such extend. Losers. I will be glad to help if I find any girl suffering from something like this. And My help would be to shot right in the head of that asshole. And yes, I mean it. Thanks for bringing this out :)

  10. awwww,
    i am managing to read your posts :) and il take another day or two for the mail. my 2 unit tests are still pending. :)
    coming back to the post
    this was power-packed and thrilling i could feel the pain and the anger in you and i almost feel the same. i so wish i was a fairy and could just transform all kinds of social evils to something better if not best.
    you are beautiful and once i finish with everything i have 4 commitments already BUT i promise i will write something about the same cause. :) and that line below the picture is touching.! :)
    my janeman smile- i wanna see you like that.
    hugs and kisses and lots of LOVE.

  11. Ouch! This post hit me so bloody hard .. its been a while since I read something that really hit my cerebrum. Be glad, this is it. :)
    Abuse scares, rather appalls .. And to think, abusers can even be termed as 'humans' Crazy world.
    Very touching post. Made me darn melancholic. :(

  12. never knew that u're Malaysian:)
    and yeah our blog name is almost alike :)

    thanks :)

  13. @Abrar
    Okay now that's a longggggggggg comment:P First of all thanks a bunch for the compliment and the support..I dont think Im able to answer your question cause I DONT OWN THE LAW,if I have the power,then Im sure that I'll make it fair for both sex..yes the upbringing of a child matters a lot..and about the ugly women,financial abuse and all the others,well ..we'll save it for another day
    Thanks again! :)

  14. @peaches
    Hey dear..thanks a lot this is the least i can do..and thanks for dropping by,really nice to see you here..and you laughed..that's cool
    May God never bless him

    Yes It is very common in our society and I totally feel bad for those who are suffering in silent..the world need more good people I guess..Thanks:)

  15. @Writing bee
    Many women suffers in silent even though we have come so far in term of women's freedom..somewhere out there a woman is in pain and its a shame that we cant do anything to protect her :(
    Thanks a lot..we need more campaigns like this

    Too bad this sad thing is happening to a woman out there :/YEs exactly they are losers ..those ugly men..Im glad that you think this way,i wish there are more guys like you out there..and on the gun may use my GUN..yes I mean it..thanks stranger

  16. @suvaiba
    hey darling,dont worry much about catching up with my post..CONCENTRATE on your papers..wish you all the luck in the world :)and prayers too..yes baby the anger bring out the best in the post and I wish i could be a fairy too :( but we can do something you writing about this,maybe it could help someone out there..I will looking forward for your sure it will be AWESOME..and that line below the picture is part of the to them :)Thank you so much for your lovely words..hugs and lots of love and tons of smiles too :)

    @Inspector sahaab
    Hey May GOD bless you too :D and me so excited when i found out that you're a Malaysian..its so nice to have a Malaysian in my blog roll..keep writing ..your blog is awesome :)and yes our blog name is almost alike..BEST wishes

    Awww..yes baby its disheartening to see women suffering out there..i wish I could offer my help ..crazy world out there,yes indeed :/
    thanks baby and all the BEST for your Tests..will send you a mail soon :)
    take care honey..hugs and smiles :D

  17. So sad. However, what's sadder is that it's all true and cloaked so well in our society.
    Very well written.

  18. Well said, TOSM.

    Abuse should stop, in any form, by anyone, with anyone. And suffering silently never works. And it should never be the case. The help should be taken. The issue should be discussed.

    Thankfully, as more and more people..(especially women) are getting educated...we hope that better sense will prevail..everywhere.

  19. @winter song
    hey thanks a lot for dropping by :)
    yes the truth is always bitter..I hope things will change soon :)

    Thanks man! Yes exactly I have the future promises a better place for women out there..Im glad you think this way..We need more ppl like you
    stay blessed

  20. Completely true!! I sometiems feel heart broken when I see women on tv or right in front of my eyes suffering a tough life. And the worst part is I can't do anything to at least try and make their life a better place to live!

  21. yes it is..Too bad,but we cant do much when the couples dont prefer when a third party interferes ..They need to be brave enuf to walk out through the door..till then we can only watch :|

  22. Yes yes very true!! A hard truth!!

  23. This is so well written. Domestic abuse is a subject close to my heart. Too many examples around me and the same hate for the ones who act this way and ruin many women lives.
    We have to stand up and shout out loud, give a hand to the ones in need, be a hear so they are never alone.
    You gave me an idea there. I might contact you on this next year, maybe a project we can work on together.
    Stay blessed. xoxo

  24. Thanks Marie...sadly its happening everywhere and at times we cant do anything then just watch it unfolds right in front of us..
    Feel free to contact me dear,I will do my best to lend a hand :) My mail Id is on my blog

    Stay blessed Marie :0

  25. its a beautiful post, TOSOM
    thanks for getting subjects like this out in the open:-x

  26. Thanks sneha..and nice picture of yours there :)
    this subject must come out..:)


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