Monday, June 2, 2014

Religion & God

I used to be religious, the kind of person who will abide by all the rules blindly. But now, I have changed. I want to become a person who loves God,not scared of the punishment that is ahead of me if I committed sins. That's not the kind of religion that I want to bestow upon my children if I happened to have them in future. How can you beat someone and asked them to pray? In my opinion, prayers should come from the heart, not  something that's resulted out of  fear of punishment.

I am not an atheist. I do pray whenever I feel like doing so. But I don't ask anything from Him because if God wants to fulfill my wishes, He needs to revamp the whole structure and rules that He has created so far, and that means too much of work and constrains. 

As much as I think that religion is one of the elements that causes rift and makes us divided between each other, I also believe that something powerful exist which created the universe in such a perfect balance. The existence of space and  stars are not possible without the presence of its creator. Meanwhile religion is man made, causes war between us and makes one believe that one is superior that the other. That is certainly not the way to reach God.


  1. I am totally with you on thinking that religion should be a thing of beauty and not a thing of fear. We should not pray because we "fear" God's wrath, but rather because we seek his love...

  2. I am more of a spiritual person than religious. And I agree with every word you wrote!!
    People are scared of God!

  3. Well if we look at the world 90% of the people are Killed murdered and what not in the NAME OF GOD ..

    I am not at all Religious , although I believe in god , contradicting I know but I beleive GOD is in All of us.. Inside us .. every religion teches that .. so if we cant love mankind then how can we say we are religious..

    Tell me one god that said GOD is not in our heart.. ..

  4. I agree with Red..I am spiritual and not religious and many mistake me as a Non believer

  5. Religion is what we make out of it. God is your conscience, keep it clean and it shall guide you till end of days.

    Spiritual is... Well, reminds me of hic! :)


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