Saturday, June 7, 2014

Freedom of mind

Most of the time we let others to define our life. We allow their NO to dictate our behavior and makes our own self to be forever trapped in a dungeon of insecurities. Our actions are based on what 'others' will think about us. The truth is most of them don't even bother to spend more than 2 minutes thinking about what we had done that is not aligned with their set of belief.

Someone who is constantly belittle by their close circles of family will be most affected with this syndrome especially if it started during an early age. When I communicate with my nieces and nephew, I will always try to be kind and careful with words in which ever possible ways because any insensitive behavior could cause detrimental effect to their mind. A child should be taught on how to stand firm to his/her beliefs no matter what opinion the whole world has to say.

You can never be happy if you keep counting on how many people laughed at you for wearing that peculiar hat or the floral skirt. You will never be contended if you keep changing your style so that others will started to like you more. It certainly takes more than that to start a relationship with someone. Live your life for yourself and you will be surprised to find that the freedom in thinking will bring you to a higher place in life.

Maybe its the time to slowly disentangle your mind from the clouds of other's thoughts.


  1. Good for you for making the decision to always be kind and supportive when communicating with your niece and nephew. This way, they will grow up not letting others define them. And you're so right, we will never ever be happy if we allow others to dictate OUR life...

  2. Very true. Happiness and joy and confidence are not virtues you should hunt outside of you. In many ways, the realization of this is in itself the first step to personal freedom.

  3. oh yes .. I read a saying today which says "DONT letthe opinions of others consume you "..


  4. YOU SAID IT...We think too much about what others think about us. We crave for acceptance!

  5. a very relevant and meaningful post. I am going through a similar patch at this point.
    I forgot to convey birthday greetings to a cousin and she taunted me like anything. She has crossed her limits but now I think enough is enough, I won't let her negativity seep inside me and feel belittled only because i forgot to wish her.

  6. I need to learn this! I HAVE TO!

    I did not even realize when I slipped into the crowd who behaves as per others want them. :/

  7. Even when they have our best interests in their hearts, their few words make a major impact on us. I believe parents should play their role by supporting their kid and making her/him believe that they have faith in whatever she/he chooses to do. Your parents' faith in you can work wonders


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