Friday, March 30, 2012

Words could heal :)

These lines comes from a friend of mine,Let's call him Ben..I had a bad day but his words light me up =D..its funny but at the same time meaningful...

Leave the tomato/chili sos production to Maggi & Heinz. Dont' cut your wrist and end up being the next sos brand.
Dont' jump from that tower/bridge in footsteps of your superhero icon. Leave those excessive Panadol tablets for your headaches, not to cure your emotional pain. Leave those charcoals for BBQ party, not a smoke machine that killed you inside a locked car. 

Relationship problems, financial issues,academics issues,broken family, etc. Live another day and realize you are able to generate ideas to solve it. You worth more than a jewel and costly than gold. Spread the love. Life is beautiful if you decide to live it. 


  1. cheers for the friends for they can show us strength in any situation...

  2. You are right, life is B-E-A-utiful :D

    Awesome post

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. I think I'll always keep living no matter what.

  4. "life is beautiful." Good words to hang on to. I used to have them posted on the refrigerator.

  5. How true! Touche to your friend's words!!

  6. datz true my dear... Life is soo beautiful even in the little fears, small-small fights, some drops of tears... without these things life will be like something is missing... Really life is beauutiful :)

    1. You are so right is certainly beautiful and Its worth living :)

  7. very awesome!! its gud and heart touching and calls for an urgent need of self absorption!!

  8. " Dont' cut your wrist and end up being the next sos brand." Lol! I so agree. I've been talking out some of my friends out of such ideas. One of them did it for "love" Believe me? :O
    And the thing is, sometimes its tough to realize that life is really worth living. The realization dawns on really late. Hmph.
    But still, hang on and keep the faith. :*
    Ben (or whatever the real name is ;) ) is right! Ever bit right

    1. Yeah I dont understand why ppl go that far for love :|
      Life is a struggle but its worth living :)

      Im hanging on here :)

      He's nick name is Ben ;) and he's damn right all the time :)

  9. Long time huh? :S Word, my girl, is a powerful weapon :) And yes, life is not only beautiful but also rocking! :D All we have to do is, enjoy the moment! ;)

  10. wow..!
    this was amazing mahn..1
    tell BEN he is a rockstar..!
    and i though of pointing out one line or 2 but everything he said was so so so brilliant that i could not choose one..!
    i hope ur doing fine..!


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