Saturday, November 26, 2011

I 'Heart' You

Yes.One day,I wake up ,login to my blogger account and I was thrilled to find out that ‘the Other Side of me’ had hit 1001 100 followers readers and I couldn’t help myself from drawing a smile on my face.While I was totally being delusional about my newly founded joy,suddenly I remembered something that I wanna do when I had 50 followers back then.So folks before I reach my 150 readers,I think I shouldn’t procrastinate more on this thanks-giving post.

Okay before that,
A welcome note from this awesomely idiot,dumb, crazy author,
Ehem *clears throat* I started this blog as a complete anonymous. Most of my earlier post will tell you stories about how wrecked my life was,I guess I make my life that way. :/ I couldn’t help that from happening,I would say it was all part of growing up. Then,soon or after this blog starts to evolve from random stuff to short poems then to cute poems and once I did wrote a crazy love-fiction which till now waiting for its completion of Part 2.Trust me people,I guess it will never arrive :P. Besides,this blogosphere had given me lots of joy and also a chance to get to know some lovely people that shares the same love for writing and expressing themselves. I guess people here know more about me than my own family. :D

Without further ado,

*The orders doesn’t matter don’t get offended yeah :P

Beyond Horizon-One of the early bloggers that followed me out of pity love for my blog and she never fails to drop a comment on every crap awesome post that I wrote.Initially we were connected with a smile post and then it evolves to hugs,wishes,emails,FB and now not a day passes without me wishing her morning and without her wishing me Nites.A soul sister I would say. About her poems,it just more than lovely and often left me speechless. I love the way she includes the moon and the stars in her poems..Its magical.:D

Alcina-My best friend in blogger. She knows a lot a about me,more than me myself. She had been patience with all my ramblings and crazy emails.She loves me but I love her more. She’s someone that I wish to meet someday. We both looking forward for the day and her poems are just so romantic and makes me silently wish to be able to write like her one day. Its amazing how both of us could count on each other even though we are separated by miles. I always have this special connection with this girl even though we have never met in real.*Hugs* more thing baby,I cant bear the punishment..its too hard on me :)

Crystal-Ah the sweet girl ..Now who doesnt know her :) She's lovely,her words are as clear as crystal. She has a very pleasant personality.We used to exchange some emails and that brings us more closer that those rib breaking-bones crushing hugs. Crystal baby I think Ali Zafar is cute. :) This young girl has so much talent and I hope she never ever gives up writing because that's what Crystal is all about.

Suvaiba-She reminds of the girl that I was or I am still.A mirror of me,the same crazy-ness and the same lengthy emails.Love her more coz of that.Thanks to crystal for introducing you to me... and suvy duby darling our names are the best thing that happened to us,hain nah?She writes lovely poem and some random stuff about her cute-fun life.It's always a pleasure to read her. Ms tigress,I hope you and crystal baby come to place someday so that I can bring you guys to the best ice-cream place in town.

Furree Katt-A beautiful blogger and one thing that I like the most about her is her hairstyle.I proposed to my mother for that hairstyle but as usual access denied.Well, I have to agree on the fact that I would look awful with that hairstyle. Anyways Furree is a fun- loving- out going person. She blogs about her awesome-cool fun filled life and her doodles are always cute especially when she drew herself with that scarfs on. I have mentioned her before on my blog and i'm glad to do it again now. :)

Aliza-I like her name.I really do.She suggest me to read rage of angels and yes I bought that book and whoa..I fall for Sheldon's writing. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog frequently and you mentioned that you love my blog,yes Aliza my blog loves you more.Stick around here always.:D

PeeVee-Ah..she spread her PeeVee-ness around here. A blogger that I love to drop by and scream at her shoutbox. The post that she wrote about her special someone really made me smile and you don't know,I read that  post of yours at 3 in the morning and believe me the post was as sweet as honey.Blogger looks dull without you.Glad that you are back and now I can feel chocolates all around. PeeVee,love ya

Ovais- I had a couple of conversation with this guy via mail and chat and 99% of the talk would be about the one that leaves him breathless. He's so much in love with this girl that the whole blogville knows about their romantic relationship.The one that leaves him breathless is indeed a lucky girl. I hope your migraine doesnt disturb you that much. He's one of the guy that wishes to change the world in his own way,I wish him luck on that. Good luck on your studies too.I hope 18 Downing Street always speak about you and her always :D

Chintan-She's the blunt blogger.I admire her bluntness and outspoken personality. Something special about this lady is that she does what she like the most which is blogging. She brings some good issue to be discussed about and those topics are quite relevant too. One of the bloggers that I really looked up to.I respect you Chintu.:D

Reicha-A lady with words,I would say.She’s kind enough to drop by my blog,tolerate with my craps and still come up with a heart warming comment. I love to read her comments and she never fails to bring me smile with her words. She writes lovely poem and I hope for her to fill up her blogs write more and more poems. One of the angels in blogville that I love to see around my blog.Keep spreading smile baby and its amazing how you always have the right words to say.Love ya.

Aakash He is one of the most dumbest cleverest,craziest loveliest lamest coolest blogger in this blogosphere.:PI was confused whether to highlight his amazing sense of humor or the poet part of him.Then I realized the reason why I had followed his blog was because I fall in love with his poems in the first place.The poet in you always win aakash. A good friend that I came to know here.He makes me realize a lot of things in life. He knows a lot about me than I know about him.(Well I only know one secret of him) :D.Do write more aakash. Iwould love to read your poems.When it come to this guy I can blabber on and on..but I think I better stop here.Girls,Go and stalk his blog.he loves his female fans ;) and yes he’s still single ;D.Aakash you have to buy me a Coke for this.:P

Serendipity- In my eyes,she’s already a writer. The kind of writer that I love to read.I hope someday she will publish her own book and I will be the proudest person on Earth when I go around and tell everyone.''Oh I know her,I know the writer of this book.'' You do magic with your words and you know you have a lot more to offer. Dimple guys always attracts me and I hope you find your dimple guy soon. You don’t know one thing, I love the word‘serendipity’ so much.

MarieHarmony- A beautiful lady I would say,A regular commentator on my blog,but it just recently I started to follow her blog and I was amazed by her writing and her warm personality. When I read her childhood story I was touched deeply and I know there’s just something about this lady.Good to have you around Marie,people like you are rare to find.I hope we stick around each others blog always.

RedHanded- A mysterious person just like me.Both of us are anonymous here and we have cute mothers to deal with. Anyways her life is more fun filled than my lame life. I love her blog.. [okay now who doesn’t love her and her blog.] I guess I’m not saying anything anymore about this Red lady.She’s just let the cap locks letters do the talking :D

Sneha- A very nice girl who used to and still drop by my blog frequently. Her blog’s title is dare to dream which  speaks clearly about her vision in life.Her simple way of writing and her insights on life amazed me in every way.I'm glad to have you around girl.I have to agree at times the hope and dreams on your blogs flew by my blog and inspire me.Smiles for you.Keep writing,you are good with words.

Viya-An active blogger,she blogs almost everyday.An archi student and just recently I have found out that she can speak tamil. So Viya do expect me to shout in Tamil on your shoutbox.It’s always a nice thing to relate with someone with the same mother tongue.Viya,I do still remember ,you are the first one to award me on your blog.Love you forever for that.Wish you luck with your VK.

Hamza-A cute 17 years old boy.I have written a post on how much I envied his cooking skill. He awarded me on his blog long long time ago and yes today I’m acknowledging him for that.You mentioned me as a sweet blogger. Still remember? Hamza,you always remind of someone that I knew and that’s one of the reason why I’ve followed your blog in the first place. Hamza I still sucks at cooking and teenage Mutiny rock always.

Ezazi-A cute,young beautiful lady.She enthralled me with her latest poem.This chattering drunk butterfly has amazing sense of humor too.She could make you smile with her words and she’s just awesomely crazy that's the reason why I adore her. Keep writing babe.

Normal is overrated-One of the cute blogger around here.Most of the time she vents out her true feelings.I like the honesty in her words and on some of the stuff she writes,I have to agree I can totally relate to her.Something she speaks my mind and I love her for that.I just wanna say to you that life is really beautiful when people like you around here.Thanks babe and wish you all the luck in the world.God bless.

Raaji- I adore her. I don’t think my words could do justice when it comes to her.She writes for  life,she inspires people with her words. Whenever I feel down,I will drop by her blog and her words is just the perfectly heals my worries.Raaji,I have to say this again I love autumn as much as you do.I do read each and every post of yours even though at times I don’t leave comments. Only God knows how much I adore you, your words and the way you connect life with nature,It’s just beyond the word marvellous.

Blasphemous Aesthete – Can anyone tell me where this guy have been missing? He’s not updating his blog lately but it doesn’t stop me from awarding him here. One of the bloggers that religiously comment on my blog.His comment  always sounds better than the whole post.His brilliant and insight into details posts always left me awed.For this guy,I would say I respect him.Please come back to blogger and I hope your boredom doesn’t steal you away from us for that long.:)

The Updater-Once,she promised me a date with a chef guy! Hey girl I even ditched the dimple guy for the chef guy.:P Anyways this blogger is a wonderful person.She write some random-cool stuff that's happening in her life.Someone who speaks her mind and she never fails to bring me a smile with her comment.I would like to thank you for the award that you gave me long time ago.I really appreciate that.Now grab my award for ya!:D * Nothing is lost and nothing will be* ;)

Moonlight-Owh this girl..she calls me princess here and that's very sweet of her. I've told her how much I love her rhythm/melody filled words that sings to me whenever I read em.You know one thing I loved the description of you in your profile. Its so apt! Do write more.You always makes me smile with your comment.I don't have to tell you how much i loved that,you just know ;)

The Guy In the Mirror-This person had included my blog on the list of bloggers that he loves. Thank you so much.I never had an opportunity to say how much i appreciated that.When I read about your post regarding periods and religious issue that arises from that,I was amazed really. Not many guys will go to that extent researching on this topic properly and come up with a good post.I salute you for that.Besides that,you always write from your heart and I loved the honesty that your post reflects upon.Thank you S.I know who you are :P

SUB-A proud father of her Hridhima.i fall in love with his daughter the first moment I heard her name. Her name means a loving heart and the definition of my name has something to do with hearts too. I love his recent blog ‘evolving daddy' more than the KHOJ blog.:P I loved the love filled post when he writes about her baby girl. Hridhima is the luckiest girl in the world to have good parents like you guys.Touchwood.May she lightens up everyone hearts with her smile.

The Other Side Of Me-I love you,that much I have to say today :)

So.. ladies and gentleman,grab the award.You don't have to write any crap random stuff about yourself.You may keep this award for yourself, display on your shelves blog or pass it around. 

Just do one thing,as soon as you receive this award,smile to a stranger,hug the person next to you,say a silent prayer for me and you... and finally wish me luck.Simple. Have you done that? Now you may leave my blog,and yes please remember to come back later.:)

Thank you peeps,you guys meant A LOT to me.Love all of you.

P.S:Phew!!! OMG, now I have to notify you guys about this award.


  1. Hey My Sweetest dumb head lazy Friend!!! This is THE AWESOMEST :D

    and HOW DARE YOU USE THOSE WORDS...PITY & CRAP!!! haan..I will deal with that later :P

    OMG! Speechless, am I! and am noticing too many exclamation in my comment :P I need to stop

    I am really happy not that you have mentioned my name (a little bit yes though ;)
    but the way this blog have made a new different persona of were always good and will be the best.

    Keep writing and make people Smiling :)

    *Smiles* A smile that has connected us first time, and it will remain forever :)))

    Love you My Dumb head :D

  2. Like a true hyderabadi i must ask "100 followers.... party kahaan hai!" ha ha.

  3. okay 1stly il write the reply to your mail tomorrow. ok? janeman. coz it's big and my net is following your net's style :P i hope you get the point
    oppps it rhymes
    so the award
    ahem ahem
    ok imagine me singing
    THANK YOU in opera style and then i give you a big big big tight squirrel hug and i give you a cadbury fruit and nut :) and then i smile.!
    my lady, you are awesome. truly simply awesome.
    this little world of blog-vile has given me so much more ,
    you, blunt, red, serendipity, hamza and i had crystal with me :)
    thank you so much for those lines. touched my heart and made my heart SKIP a BEAT :) my mirror me, my prayer treaty colleague, the tigress's janeman. and the suvy duby's thil
    i LOVE thee more than you can ever imagine
    and you know i am not smiling ,
    guessing why?
    well i can't meet you right now, i want you now, next to me and i wanna give you a real hug.
    it is seldom that life gives you beautiful friends to cherish.! :)

    but i am kinda happy..! and kinda sad.!
    your mail tomorrow and the hindi word too.! )
    the hug is mention above

  4. This is a wonderful blog you've got here :)
    Congratulations on the 100 mark :)

  5. I just woke up. I am feeling sick, and this just made my day. I think I won't be that sick anymore. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness :)

  6. Check your mail. :*
    Thank you for spreading so much love around. I woke up an hour back and I think my day has already been made and my purpose is complete. :D
    I feel so good that I know so many of the bloggers. Yayie <3

    I love you. You know that already!

  7. Happy 100+ followers!!!
    May u really rwach that 1001 followers :)
    thnku sooooooooooooo very very much for this. U know how it means so much for everyone whom u gave this award. And capital AWESOME for me??? Thankyou ever soooo much!

  8. Congratulations on 100+ followers sweetie :) And I;m so overwhelmed to even write a word of thanks here :) It means a lot :) Blogger really is a happy place after all :)

  9. OMG!!!!!!
    THANK-YOU-SO-SO-VERY-MUCH!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

    You are really such a sweet blogger to take out so much time and write so many good things about so many wonderful bloggers. Though I already know almost all of them, there were a couple I did not and I am going to stalk them to as well.

    Congratulations on the hundred, you deserve a THOUSAND. :) :) :)

    Though you mentioned that the orders doesn't matter, I did count what my number was. It's SEVENTEEN!!! 17 year old, 17th number.

    Awesome Coincidence!!!!!
    Thanks again for the award. Keep blogging and stay awesome. Congratulations to all the fellow bloggers mentioned in this post. :))

    Take care! :) :)

  10. Eeee, Cheerful Hi-Five for 101 followers, my effing pretty princess :) :*
    And I'm so grateful, thank you so much for your kind words cute-face, You so deserve a tight warm silken wrapped hug for everything you wrote here, for all of us :)
    Cheers, and god bless you!!

    Love and smiles and hugs and kisses, ~Moonlight~ :)

  11. P.S: I heart you too, hell yeah :) \m/

  12. aww thank you for the award dear :D that's so nice of you, I was totally not expecting that! :)

    and congrats on getting so many readers :D

  13. Aww!!! *hugs*
    Wish you loads of luck honey :)
    Have a great life. I feel so honoured :)
    And oh, the chef guy date is still on ;)

  14. First Congratulations on the 100! And Wow , what a great post - I can't remember which road I took to find my way to your blog, but I definitely never regretted it.
    Thank you for this lovely award, this means so much, for you sweet words, your support, for sharing with us some amazing new people. Sending a big hug and some chocolate cake, so we can celebrate together. A prayer for you and a long life to your blog.

  15. congratulation for 100 followers. You got a new follower right now. :-)

  16. Congratulations for 103 followers !
    May you write many more posts like this...

    Take Care

  17. Aw. So sweet. I have this this before but I too find this Girl who Leaves Ovais breathless VERY cute!! :-) And congrats. I am sure you deserve all love and praise.

  18. hehe... I smiled, raised an eyebrow, made a straight face and then laughed... hmm..
    Thanks TOSM. As I said, someday long back, I am here to stay. :)


  19. Thank you so very berry much girl, it's people like who who keep my PeeVee-ness intact:) Muchas gracias:)
    And thank you for shouting out SO much to me:D I really worry if I don't see you there four days straight:D

    And the last lines are so sweet:) So very sweet, I'll pray for you every special occasion just for that:)

  20. @Poonam
    Okay now that’s a long comment + awesome was pity and have to agree with me :P Oh baby you deserve all the sweet words :D Oops..yeah I know I shld have had used Poonam instead Beyond Horizon..:D you too soul sista :D

    Party..yes yes when my blog reaches 1001 :D

    Hey aww..i always like each and every words of your lengthy comment..Im replying to your mail soon…my internet line sucks :/ and I have A LOT of things to update you ya..and I giving you back those big big big tight squirrel hug,with cadbury fruit and nut and your favourite BASKIN RoBBINS ice creams..MWahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

    @Priyanka Kamath
    Hey thanks a feel blessed

    Awww..Raajii..kindness is a big word..I’m just saying what’s actually there..YOU are amazing and I hope you will never ever be sick again..Thanks for inspiring me :D

    @Cystal glad you felt that way..I hope everyday will be the same for you.Best wishes for ya..and Hugs,smiles and kisses :*

    Hey thanks may my blog reaches 1001..(probably it will take another decade) :D
    YES..special Caps Lock AWESOME for you.Enjoy!

  21. @serendipity
    Thanks love..You deserve all the words..good luck and always have a fan here ;)

    Ahhhhhhhhh..Hamza!!! you are MOST WELCOMED :D

    Thank you so much for your words and YES GO and stalk them..they are awesome people :D
    1000..yes some readers on the way to my blog :P
    Whoa..AWESOME is a lucky I suppose : )
    You too keep blogging and stay AWEsome always

    Hey first of all A TIGHT HUG
    Thanks to you baby for all those awesome words that you left on my blog..Much much appreciated..I hope we stay this way my Princess ;)

    P.S : I heart you more :*

    @Normal is overrated
    You are most welcomed dear,enjoy the cherries :* :D


    @The Updater
    Honey,your humble thank you post touched me really..Thanks again for being here ..

  22. @MarieHarmony
    Thank you for not regretting it.You always left me comments that touched my heart..and makes me to think and smile ..This is the least I can do Marie.Again you are a beautiful hearted person .Chocolate cake..YUMMY ..thanks love for the prayers and wishes..wishing you the same here

    Special hugs for me..I hope you to see around here..thanks

    Thank you dear,I wish the same for you..Take care..and thanks for dropping by :D

    Thanks Zeba..yes the girl that leaves Ovais breathless is indeed a cute girl..And yes Im in love with your’re so good with words :D *smiles and hugs*

    YEShhh,mission accomplished ..that was exactly my intention when I wrote make you *smile,raised an eyebrow,made a straight face ..and finally laugh*.Thanks to you aakash for being here always and yes you have no other way than to stay here..Stay blessed!!
    P.S: I laughed too when I read your comment.

    Hey you’re welcome my dear..and thanks for the prayers..very much needed..Love ya and cheers to your PeeVeeness..STAY AWESOME :D

  23. hi TOSOM
    i am writing this on behalf of sneha
    since her internet is malfunctioning she is unable to comment on this post of yours.but dont worry i have told her what you have written in here and she seems to be so happy and on top of the world:)
    she wants to thank you but her stupid net connection wouldnt thats why i am here:)

  24. Hi Haritha

    Hehehh.That's so sweet...JUst tell sneha that I LOVE HER and her blog..and yes do tell her she deserve this cherry on top award..I hope she gets back her connection soon :)I'm so happy that I make her feel on top of the world :D

    P.S:Thank you so much Haritha,for conveying her msg..:)

  25. I'm happy for you that your blog is on the right track. All good wishes.

  26. I'm getting close to that monumental 100 mark of readers even though I'm most certain many of them are NOT reading ha ha! Congratulations to you and to all who received this awesome souvenir of your gratitude and affection! Very sweet and pretty too :)

    P.S. ~ Always great music playing when I come here!

  27. ohh im bacK:)
    thanku so much. this means a lot
    luv ur blog too!!

  28. @Peaces
    Thank you so much love..I hope your book writing going well :-)Best wishes from me :)

    eheh..yeah most of them not reading at all :|Thank you so much..hope to see around here
    Music..ah.. musics are food for the soul

    You are back YAY!!
    You deserve it baby :D
    Much love and hugs :*

  29. thanks soo much :)....
    i guess this one is for Evolving Daddy :)

  30. Congratulations on the reader list! neat blog, here. Pretty damn awesome :)


  31. @SUB
    yes :D its for Evolving Daddy

    Thanks a lot
    Cheers :)

  32. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy so muchooooooooooooo..
    and yeah i just adore you for whatever you are and whatever we have known of each other..i am so glad to see you grow over here and share i mean when i came to your blog you were there at the beginning and now look at have so many readers and you have got so many friends..i am happy for you..and i know that you love me more and yessssss we will meet someday for sureeee and i hope that day comes soon..and of course till then we won't let go the contact right?
    Thank you so much for the hearty thing cutie pie...hugsssssssss........... and kisses of course..
    and yeah i got late by one day..sorry :P
    and you posted the others soon..i'll read as soon as i am done with my exams...

    keep smiling always :)

  33. Alcina
    you came soooooooooooo lateeeeeeeeeeeee..*me sulking now*
    of course we wont let go of the contact!!! *promise" you deserve the words
    will be posting soon :D

  34. Only if I knew a word that would be enough to thank you.

    Am grateful :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  35. Heyyy... you deserve it :)

    Stay blessed :)

  36. Whoa ! slap me hard !! I guess I am the last one commenting on this :( Aww..Same picture everywhere. Anyway, congrats for reaching that 100 mark :D And by the pace you are going, I am sure that --1000-- will come soon ;) Stay blessed :)

  37. Hey i wont slap you!! You know that ;)
    hehe..last but not least's you? been quite a while..UPDATE YOUR BLOG SOON..thanks and 1000..gosh I think it will take a decade to do so :/
    Stay blessed

  38. Oh .. so sweet of you gal for your words..!! BIG congrats for 111 followers. *last 1 to wish you i know :( *
    I am really sorry for not being here from quite a long time and has missed many wonderful posts of yours. *Sincere apologies*
    Is going for a long break from this blog world for few months i guess.Will miss you so sure as the most affectionate(person) and amazing blogger whose posts have a mesmerizing effect on the readers including me.
    I wish i could stay in touch with you.(drop your email anywhere(below any post) on my blog if you can )..!
    Take care..!
    Unwrapping a smile here. You too keep smiling :) :)

  39. hope to be listed one day . ekekek.
    *lee min ho

  40. @Reicha
    thanks babe for dropping by..and all the rest in the mail..keep in touch ..lots of love

    Yes sure when my blog reaches 1000 and 1 ;)


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