Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perfect Mom + Bad Daughter = Awesome Duo

Differences between me and my mother ==''

Situation #1
Mom-She wakes up at 4.30am, wash all the dishes and prepare lunch for me before 7am

Me- I don’t even bother to wash the lunch box that I bring for my lunch.

Situation #2
Mom-She never fails to call her mother in India at least once a week.

Me-While staying in hostel for three years, I would be too busy to call my mother until my cousin had to remind me how much my mother misses me

Situation #3
Mom- She’s not educated at all but when she talks everybody listens in awe (including the educated ones)

Me-Well I have gotten a degree from a reputable university and when I talked, they laughed
(Coz,somehow it ended as a joke and I laughed along) :/

Situation #4
Mom-she’s a great cook and I am not telling you this just because she’s my mother, she’s really a good one. My relatives will visit just to eat her cooking’s.

Me-Do I need to enlighten more? Read here if you wanna know more :P

Situation #5
Mom-whenever she spots my skin tone changing,she will be so worried and try her best to bring me to my original color,one of the way is by forcing me to drink milk  8|

Me-Everytime she prepares me milk,I will try to find some ways to pour it down the sink 8\

Situation #6
Mom-Home is the place where the heart is,so it should be clean always.( In other ways throw away that junks that you were hiding in your room)

Me-My room is where my soul is,so it shall look as complicated as me,Old junks reminds me a lot of things mom =.=’

Situation #7
Mom-You know how many love marriages ended up in divorce? Today’s youngsters should follow their parents choice, it’s always the best.

Me- Ma,but love is love..How to marry a guy that you never knew before? (I received the above answer every time I talk about a guy)

Situation #8
Mom-What you shop for books again???..stop buying books,we don’t have enough spaces at home, and please for God’s sake, get rid of your old books < o >

Me-Ma,I need books more than food!!!

Situation #9
Mom-She’s a very active person, she could clean the whole house,prepare meals and so on in just few hours.

Me- I’m an active person too,I’ll do things very quickly but everything will end up in a bad shape.Really,I no kidding

Situation #10
Mom-A woman’s beauty is seen in her hair. A long hair makes a woman,woman.

Me-Maaaa..can I just have the haircut at least once??? Pleassssssssseeeeeeeee Ma

There's a lot of differences between me and my mother,the list can just go and on. But yet she’s the one that I love the most in my life. I’m willing to sacrifice anything just to see the smile on her face.Yes, sometimes I feel as though my mother loves me more than I love her…

Hey wait a minute??
Despite all the differences that we have, there’s one similarities that bridges us together

### We have the same cute eyes :)

Lately,I could sense some changes  in my mother, its seems like she’s slowly taking away her hand from mine, maybe she started to realize that some love can be shown even from a distance ..she might not hold my hands and help me to walk anymore,because it seems that it’s quite hard for her to catch up with me,I’m moving very fast I guess but her eyes will never stop from following me.

P.S : It’s true; you’ll only understand a mother’s love when you become one.I hope I’ll be a good mother someday….and I’ll be the coolest one too 

P.P.S: We might be two people with different ideologies but yet I love the fact that I came from her and she's a part of me.LOVE you mother :)


  1. I miss my mom now :'( why you people who stay with mums write about mommieess!!

    You write so well, and it was such a fun read :)

    PS: same cute eyes :D hhaawww <3

    Chintu Singh

  2. Hahahahaha moms are moms no matter where they are :P and you love her the most so that does make up for all these differences :D

  3. I bug my mommie for haircuts like 6 days out of 7! Ufff. She hates my curly dreadlocks. :/
    But aye aye, you're not a bad bad daughter, we all have this we-fight-with-her-round-the-clock-and-yet-be-madly-in-love with her thing. :D And aaw at cute eyes. And and, we are insanely similar. Situation 6,7,8,9 is meeeee. :D *hi five :P

  4. Situation 4,5,6,9 ditto :P :D

    Mum are always caring and so do daughters(more than sons).
    I know you can write a book on this relation(this post is just a trailer ;)) but its a bit complicated to say it directly.

    Do read this post to your mom and make her feel special today :)

    Good day gal !

  5. Hahahhaa moms are God's best Gift <3

  6. We are all so damn proud of our mothers:)
    I'm wondering how lost we'll be if they disappeared for a week, what messes our lives will be:)
    And I'm sure you'll make a cool mum too:D

  7. I could relate to a lot of situations =D

    Btw the last para where you talk about changes that you notice, is perhaps because our mothers slowly let go, in their efforts to enable us to turn into independent individuals. But no matter what their love and blessings follow us around:)

  8. I really had a great time reading your post, I too grew up with a sister and mom close by and I guess almost everything you say is true :)

    From fighting about everything, now they talk to each other every single day :)

  9. 2 - Don't u live in India? :-O I am a bit confused :S
    6- Aww.. Keeping it complicated is a different thing, keeping it clean is a different one altogether :P
    7- True ! Both marriages have their advantages and disadvantages. But still, Love one is anytime better :D ;)

    A very informal post indeed. Straight from heart ! And nice eyes? Oh ! I wish I could see them :)

    P.S. By the way I am 87 born :P So not elder to u, I guess :)

  10. @Chintan
    awww..thanks and wat are you you mom now,she might be expecting you

    This is so nice of u,love u

    Did i tell you that you have a nice name?:D and yes that makes up for my mom

    yeahhh my mom hate my curly dreadlocks too :/and yes we are so similar this way..hugs thanks a lot for the comment

    that's so sweet of you,i love ur latest post..and yeah I could write a book about me and my mom..and oh you are almost like me too.argghhh but still i have to fight for my mom's attention when it comes to my brothers

    yes they are God's most expensive gift

    I want chocolates
    and yes I cant imagine a day without her :/

    I like to call you aish..I hope u dont mind :D..and thanks for noticing the last paragraph..that was the main intention of this post

    @siddhartha love our mothers dont we?
    thanks for dropping by,im in love with photos

    I wish I live in India,dont be confused
    :P complicated is good
    Love is always better :D
    yes it is..indeed straight from heart..

    heheh..that's not easy..
    P.S//I am 88 u are elder than me..i guess

  11. Relationship between a mother and child is uniquely beautiful for all of us. The post made me constantly smiling and imagining you in these situations :)


  12. hey..hmmm,,don't imagine me in these situation..i dont look quite good :P

    I'm glad that it made u smile...

  13. Lovely post - I feel so far away from my mum sometime and so close at others, knowing one day I will be one too and as she always says I will then understand her love for me.

  14. Marie
    Thanks honey, yes at times I do feel that way too..yeah mothers are very patient when it comes to their children
    one day,for sure :)


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