Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooking and Love: they are so much related!!!

I am a bad cook, or more honestly I don't even know how to cook at all.Hmmm..(im not kidding).after i saw hamza's post [I cooks]..I felt so bad (seriously),a 17 year old guy can cook so well but I am already 20 ++doesn't even know how to fried egg properly. If I ever got married,I think i will be the worst wife,daughter in law,mother and woman.I have this slight thought that I might be tortured and condemned by my mother in law for not being able to cook..

It's not that I doesn't want to cook at all.The thing is that I've tried and I failed miserably.and at the end of the day I have to eat my own cooking I guess that's the worse thing that I could do for myself (forced to eat my own cooking because I feel so bad throwing it away because all the ingredients are inside)

after several attempt of forcing myself to eat my own cooking and wasting all the ingredients in the fridge, I have decided not to cook at all =.='''

Just to give you some glimpse on how bad I am at cooking OR anything related to stove

.....one fine day!!!
I still remember my mother asked me to turn off the stove once the curry is ready ..she gave me a warning to off it when the fish gets tender as she was rushing to go out..I promised to her that everything's under control and she can totally rely on me ..After she left, i carry on with my Math assignment..As someone who  loves Math so much, I will usually immersed myself in those equation until I get the answer... and as someone who doesn't get distracted easily.. I was totally unaware of the curry (not even the smell could distract me from MATH)...

So after finishing my assignment (note the AFTER)..you guys can pretty much assume what happened next..

There's not even 1% fluid left on the curry!!! I freaked out and decided to add some water and make up for the curry (and pretend as if nothing happened) ..but since my mom is not that fool  ( after all she's my Mother) she figured it out @_@''''I had to face the music after my mom comes home..

This incident happened not only once,many times in my life !!!..numerous time that I had lost count :(

My mom already gave up on me..(I'm that bad at cooking)

They say that ''The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'' but in my case,my future husband is the unluckiest guy in the whole world..i guess i have to find other ways to his heart !!!

Thought Of The Day!!!
I wish I can cook because cooking is not all about preparing food,its something nice that you can offer for your loved one's.Cooking might seem to be unnecessary in today's world where you can get anything you want by just taking a drive along the neighbourhood or just by a phone-call away.....

 but it can never replace home-cooked food which is filled with love and served straight from heart..I wish I can offer that to my loved one's...


  1. Hahahaha you are not even good at making snack type stuff ?
    Omelet or sandwiches (everybody has their own recipes of making it )
    Even i can make all of these and i love to eat what i make :p

    Anyways nice post :D

  2. haha :D The fish might have cursed you a little :D :D On the contrary, I can cook pretty decent food :) Please don't hate me :D

  3. LOL, don't worry, try it sometimes when there is no Maths to do, I am sure you'll do it right. When you can handle equations and inequations what is cooking? Just a little Ratio(n) and Proportion :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Okay , I just found a maths teacher for me :p
    And why don't u take cooking classes at Rangoonwala :P Haha ..

  5. I suck at cooking myself and can understand every thing you wrote here, You have all my sympathy. :D :D
    On the contrary, I suck at mathematics too, I find it dreadful, even more than that 360 degree ride in Wow. Lol, yeah :D

    Love, Risha :)

  6. omg! i never thought of the food i cook as somethin full of love && served straight from heart =/
    && i dun think so that a man`s heart is from the stomach coz it has been some 8-9 months that i can`t cook nythin straight for dear husband- everytime infact everyday some accident HAS to happen =/

    loved the post!!!!!!!!!!!111<3

  7. I so agree with Blasphemous Aesthete on that,

    When you can handle equations and in-equations what is cooking? Just a little Ratio(n) and Proportion=p

    I guess you put much efforts in cooking as you have your mother to rely upon or maybe you are afraid of her scolding you if you do something wrong.
    I don't have my mom around so I cooked with more sincerity and ease. =p

    Don't ask the catastrophes I created before reaching perfection =D

    I think you will be (are) the best wife,daughter in law,mother and woman.

    And yes, Nothing can replace home-cooked food. Especially if it's cooked by one's mom =)


  8. haha awww. i laughed through most of this but i feel your pain. i can't cook either!
    and wow, i absolutely hate math :O i admire you for actually enjoying it :O

  9. @Hamza and anshul : If it would be a facebook status i would have super liked your comment.. :P really nice...

    @the other side of me.. : It is so true that nothing can replace the home cooked food because the major ingredient in it is LOVE.
    One thing about cooking which my mum usually tells me when i am in kitchen
    " Its easy to cook food and have it but its always difficult to cook delicious food which anyone would love to have it"
    I assure you if you want to, you can be the best cook only if you enjoy COOKING.. not just doing it for the sake of someone else..only if you start doing it for yourself first..
    Take care..!!

  10. Oh don't worry, practise with toast,maggi and tea until you're comfortable, then progress to omelettes and then to the big stuff. At least that's what my mother told me when I made tea which smelt like pee. So you can't be worse than that :D And yeah, Blasphemous has some great advice for you too :D

  11. you know wat thats exact problem when i am asked to guard someone else doing:D

    but when its my time to cook... i usually get it done well... unless mom is there ... usually when i know she is there i usually tune off to my duties... i know she will take care of them ...

    and usually thats when we get in trouble when she thinks i am doing it and i think she has it all in control...

    and yes there better be other ways to our mans heart.. werna we will be out of job...:D

    and with that wish... u are not far from being a great cook one day... for when there is a will u always find a way...:D

    But i still only cook when i am the only one available to do the job, or if i am really tempted to try something...

  12. You tried, at least.

    I know so many people who don't even try..

    This is why people buy fast food or hire cooks.


    Oh, and shaadi karne ki jaldi hai? :o

  13. Damn I hate cooking man. Hopefully the future husbands knows how to or we'd either starve to death or become overweight by buying fastfood :P But like Ovais said, atleast you tried! Welcome to the club of girls who can't cook!:)))

  14. :P :P

    Don't worry it will come to you when it wants to..and food hmm..when you are with your love may be the food can be on the late list for sometime ;) :)

    Well i also know how to cook cutie pie so i am in sympathy with you but can't say i am with you..hope that you will forgive me for this :P

    Keep trying..you will surely do it someday :)


  15. Aw!! I'm HOPELESS at cooking too.
    Once my mom asked me to keep rice in the cooker, and guess what I did.. I kept rice without water and the cooker burst :P Fortunately nothing devastating happened. That was the last day I stepped into the kitchen :P
    Dont worry, u'll learn things soon, just dont give up :P

    Btw, You've a blogger award waiting on my blog. Please check it out -

  16. LOL!!! :P really??!!? that bad huh?!! :P :P
    hehe God save your future husband.. or simpleee jus hire a cook! :P :P

  17. @Iman Khalid
    Hehehh..i tried making sandwich but it happened to be that no one wants to eat except me..so you assume how it tastes :-/ Wow..good for you..i’ll try to have my own recipe :D
    Thanks a LOT

    I guess all the fishes in the world hates me :/ wow..i envy you but I won’t hate you <3
    Thanks for the comment

    @ Blasphemous Aesthete
    Hehehhe it seems like everyone likes your comment ..:P:P I liked it too.Hahaha..nowadays I don’t have any Math to do…but still I had lost the excitement to cook..but then it had come again!! Let’s see how far I can go with the Ratios & proportions..Anyways thanks for the encouragement :D

    Hey I am willing to teach you math but remember I’ll use the cane whenever you get it wrong..how’s the deal?? :P:P
    And cooking class at Rangoonwala..well im living in Malaysia which is so faraway from Pakistan..and I think I’ll burn the whole class if I ever gets into cooking school :-(

    Welcome to my blog :D Oh yeah *high five*on that sucks at cooking part
    Btw,Math’s awesome..
    And thanks for the sympathy and the comments
    Love You

    Hahhahah..you’re married?? Then congratsss!!! Well,no matter whatever you serve,im very sure it’ll filled with love
    Accident do happens,in my case almost every time!!!LOL
    Thanks for loving the post..and I LOVE U @_@

    @äмän ♥
    Thanks for the LOVE xx

  18. @Hamza
    Hahahhah..I sooo Envy YOU!!! Man you’re awesome
    Well im really gonna try your special briyani soon..It brings back my enthusiasm on cooking:D Yeah I did put too much effort and at the end of the day I screw it badly..and my mom loves her kitchen and she hates when I mess everything :/
    Wow good for you I guess together with cooking we should add sincerity too :D
    Ohhh I can almost imagine the catastrophes but now YOU’re just perfect..and I really hope it tastes nice :D
    Awww that’s the sweetest thing one have said to me :D thanks Hamza..I hope I’ll be a good one (minus the cooking part) ;)
    Mom’s cooking is THE BEST

    Hahahha..hmmm thanks for the comment and you can’t cook too..thats awesome I have someone to relate now ..hehhehe
    You hate math…why??? Math’s awesome <3
    Thanks for the admiration and for dropping by
    Love you and LOVE ur blog ;)

    Yeahhhhhh Hamza and anshul are soooo right!!! I will have LIKED it too ;)
    Seriously agree with you, I started to appreciate mom’s cook after staying in hostel for three years (but then I go back every weekend) No one likes my cooking (not that I cook often:P:P) I would love to cook delicious food one day..yeah soo true,,I guess I have to start with cooking for myself coz I always think whether they gonna like it or not
    Thanks for your LOVE filled comment..I really appreciate it
    Love u

    I’m tired of practising Sushmit…and I really suck at making tea..and the omelettes that I make never in a proper shape..it always run out the shape!!!Hehhehe..trust me IM worse than u..and yeah Blasphemous is soooo right !!! @_@’’
    ..and thanks for the comment:):)

  19. @Love
    Wow..that’s a long and lovely comment :D;D
    Awww..you’re so independent and yeah I rely to my mom so much,..when it comes to cooking she can do it perfectly alone:D
    Hahahha..Okayyy then..i hope you can cook better with you mom around without relying on her:):D
    LOL..i do hope they are other ways to his heart <3..because I’ll fail miserably if it comes to cooking:D
    And awwwww ..well im not than ambitious I just want to be a normal and good cook and thanks for the motivation
    I love you, LOVE:D

    Welcome to my blog:D
    Yeah at least I tried :D
    Well im just foreseeing the future,,who noe’s anything could happen in future :D hehehhe
    Thanks for the comment :D

    @normal is overrated
    LOL..I’m still trying not to HATE cooking ..but hopefully I get someone who knows how to cook!!! Add another criteria for my dream guy :/ hahhaha..
    Hahahah I can soo relate to the club..I guess I’ll be the leader:P:P because IM THE WoRST :P;P

    @Alcina Darling
    Awwww..yeah food comes last in that case..hehehehe
    I know you can cook very well..so envy you..i hope you can offer me ypur own cooking one day :D Its okay if you’re not with me:D your blessings and love is more than enuf for me :D:D
    Oh yeah the day will come eventually..I believe soooo ;)

    @The Updater
    Hahahha..welcome to the club then..i think we should form a club soon ;)
    LOL..that’s a disaster..well I can cook rice perfectly but with the help with auto cooker..i cant do it manually..and yeah FORTUNATELY..gosh I never knew you got a story too…:P:P we’re similar in this way @_@’’’
    Im not giving up..i think I should get serious on this ;)
    And about the blogger award..i saw it earlier and I commented too..Hugs for the award..im so happpppppppppppyyy..thanks a bunch..love u love love u

    Hahahah hmmm..that bad..what to do :/ May GOD save him and cook?? Nah..the cook cant cook with LOVE

    Thanks for the comment

    Love u

  20. Or, Take my suggestion OTHER SIDE, Marry a Chef!! :D :P Life's gonna be sooo simple :P
    I'll set one up for you? :D ;)

  21. @the updater

    Ms Updater :)

    hahhaha..LOL..I am someone who loves to eat,so marrying a chef is almost like a dream come true!!

    so you have a chef for me???:P:P

  22. Yes I do!! A friend of mine is a Chef ;)
    Let me set up a date for you, what say :P :D ;)
    Muhahahaha :P

  23. Hey Ms updater

    Thanks a lot for the offer..i guess he wouldn't be able to tolerate a bad cook like me :p:p

    HAHAHHA..I really like u gal :):)


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