Sunday, October 9, 2011

Me and my cool life :D

Some cool stuff is happening in my life,and here I am with a list!!..I love making list

  • A cute guy with a dimple seems to like me :P and yes I have a thing for dimples
  • My six years old niece is experimenting with different hairstyle and she's growing up sooo fast (wait for me my dear,lets grow up together) ;)
  • My mom is telling me a lot of sad ending love stories (the kind of stories where the guy dumped the girl after having two kids) :/ (Mom,i'm NoT in love,pls)==''
  • I'm quitting my job in a month time and suddenly I feel as though I've started to love my job (Maybe because of that dimple guy) *sigh...[I shouldn't have given the resignation letter)
  • I love my blog mate + best friend Alcina and I wanna hear you sing..please
  • My colleagues are super good at me,I'm gonna miss them seriously
  • Again on my colleagues, they taught me a lot of dirty jokes (but yet I'm still the innocent little girl)
  • I have improved a lot on my driving skills and nowadays I'm looking forward for a drive around the town.
  • Last week I paid my own internet bill,and that makes me feel so adult,and YAY i feel like an adult now
  • I have some cool plans after my resignation and my family members were not so keen of that plan,but still I'm gonna do that.
  • I hate that guy,seriously..he dont have any rights to judge me..I hope that he doesnt rot in hell (such a nice soul I am ;P)
  • I'm not receiving much comments lately (I miss you guys,reallt) and its sooo not cool. (This point shouldnt be included in the list,but I have already typed it..:/
  • I'm thinking of a vacation..:D
  • I was trying to be fat but Now i cant stop from being fat..I'm so chubby nowadays :D makes me feel so blessed
  • I bought three books the other day and I've managed to read more to go
  • I'm in love with Sidney Sheldon,I would have married him if he's still alive..
  • I dont want to go bed as yet coz the night is still young
  • Hey i still love shoutbox,please shout there..this place need some noise
  • I dont have enough money for Iphone 5..I'm sticking to my nokia for now..but it's okay
  • Im not goin to bad as yet
  • :D:D:D:D

P.S: This list is so much better than the previous one

P.P.S: I'm feeling really happy today..wondering what the dimple guy might be doing now :P

P.P.P.S:Life's good again,spending some lovely moments with the kids..:D


  1. hehe .I'm sticking to my nokia E72 too :P
    Lol and yes i love sidny sheldon's novels He is just a awesome writer :)

  2. i just attended the funeral of my cell phone :P
    dimple guy, ahan :P
    good luck with that
    and drive in town, :0
    omg omg omg
    just be careful :P

  3. Ahh.. crushing hard huh! :)
    looks like you are having a decently good time.. Btw I can write like 20-30 different comments if you want :D


  4. I love Nokias! I've kept a Nokia since forever. Always a new one every two years, but yeah :D

    My next phone will be my beloved's Iphone 3 :D

  5. Your whole outlook has changed because of dimples boy. Always nice to know someone likes you back. It gives you that extra boost and confidence in so many other things.

  6. Quitting are already on your vacation ;)
    Sad ending love stories...haha...may be you should tell your mom some fairy tale love may not be in love yet....but no harm in playing around....especially with that dimple guy...what say? :P

  7. @aman
    I guess Nokia is good for now ;)and yes Sheldon is more than awesome,see,,i will even willing to marry him..

    you're back,im happy
    May ur cell phone RIP,
    I like ppl with dimples,do u have one? :P
    now u're making me cry :'( btw,i guess they sholud be careful

    Someone is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...i'm not crushing hard,im just playing hard :P yes yes im having some really good moments..u still ask? I was expecting a reply list :/

    I phone3?? why not iPhone 5 and u noe wat my phone gonna turn 5 years soon..its really in a bad condition

    thanks :D

    @Ms teacher
    Hmmm..dimple guy is really cute..yes its a nice thing when ppl like you,you started to like urself more :)

    well i have to wait till this month ends,then i'm on vacation :D yes a lot sad stories for the past few days and im not even talking about guys anymore to her :/ 0_0 and i love playing around..i love dimples ..well i've said a lot..

  8. Is the last point really blank? o_O

    "I'm in love with Sidney Sheldon,I would have married him if he's still alive.." I won't say that cause that will sound....*ahem*. Yeah I like his books too :) :D

    GO for vacation!!!

    Hope the guy makes the move...

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  9. --3rd point :P :P LOL mum's duty to warn her daughter not to fall for a wrong guy ;)

    --Adult but a kid at heart :)

    --A nice soul never hate anyone.. LOL

    --Love thy innocence when you accept that you cannot have iPhone and in the end you say " but Its okay " :)

    --why are you quitting your job ? got another one ?

    Last but not least i love to shout... and today your shoutbox will be the lucky one :D :D

  10. i have a thing for dimples too :)
    and mums do that always, scare the shite out of us so we stay clear of troubles...

    i love reading random thoughts and apologies for being late, i was a bit busy...

  11. thats gud! its always gud to welcome better changes!
    bt one thing, i dont like sydney sheldon, now this an outspoken truth :D

  12. no, and THAT IS THE PROBLEM,
    i have no dimples, urghhhhhhhh :P

  13. Yes, dimples I love too. *gets reminded me of a lot of dimpled cuties and resists the urge to talk about them*
    And hahaha, I think our moms are carbon copies. Mine tells me of how love failed too :P
    And yes yes, plan a vacation. -__- Anyone going on holidays makes me happy :D
    And random is good, i enjoyed this post :D

  14. I like your list because it gives a portrait of you.

    I like dimples too. My partner has two.

    You'll get a new phone in time, and a new job too.

  15. Aah, the dimple guy?!
    OTHER SIDE!! I was supposed to set up a date for you! :P With a Chef :P
    Ditch the Dimple and go with the Chef :P

  16. I hope you enjoy your vacation... and your Dimple guy propose you :P

    God bless u

  17. hey.. Nice blog :) hope you have a lovely vacation and relax.. and yup.. good luck with the dimple guy...!! hope something nice turn up :)

  18. @guy in the mirror
    LOL.u saw dat?? I'm too lazy to edit this suppose,so let it be blank :|
    yeah doonnnntttt say dat!!!

    I'm planning one:D

    owh..u a such a goo daughter,u always support my mom:Dyou guys can get along well:D..yeah i'm quitting my job coz at times I feel as though I'm a slave working for that company..but guess I do have some plans ahead :D..thanks a bunch for shouting,u noe that I love you right?:D


    I like to call you Chintu;D(cute name)hahah mothers are cool right?;) its okay better late than never :D and thankssssssss

    Change is good,awww u dont like Sheldon..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

    :( u dont have dimplesssssssss..well i have one..don worry I still like u ;)

    hey i think we should meet u noe and I REALLY wonder what will happen if our mothers meet...they sure have a load to talk def goin on a vacation this time..ahhh the lovely beaches here i come :D

    hey thanks..:D are so lucky to have a guy with dimples and

    yes i hope for it too

    @The updater
    Okay done I have already ditched that guy,anyway I wasnt serious on him :P..Chef Guy here I come..and you faster arrange that or else some other guys will come you noe ;P chef guy where are you????????/

    hey welcome here..I'm not saying anything about that dimple guy

    God blesses you too..

    hey thankss and yeah looking forward to relax soon and ermmm dimple guy,i guess he's a pervert :/ :P
    Something nice will always turn's good anyway ;)

  19. Hahahaha! This is such a random list! I loved it! :D
    OMG! Guys with dimples are really SO cute :P
    And even my mom is just like yours. She comes up with really depressing love stories, probably cause she thinks I'm in love and all that shizz!

    I love this blog.
    Now following! :D

  20. Lovely list - It feels good to be happy!

  21. Yep, nothing misses these four eyes.

    Hey, you now own a special place on my blog. Check it out

  22. I love Sidney Sheldon too :D and nope I wud have neverrrrrrrr married him :P

    Vacation!!!!!!! Coolllll :D

    U're preferring Iphone5 over Nokia???? Nooooooo I love Iphone but then i love Nokia too :| Enhhh I'm confused :@

  23. @Shagun
    heheheh...guys with dimples cute right!!!! @@''mothers are same everywhere i guess :D
    thanks for the following..keep coming

    yeah it good to be always

    @the guy in the mirror
    whoa i love it love it ,..thanks a flattered here

    You wear specs? :P

    Good!!!you see, less competition..but he's dead anyway..
    YAAAAAAY vacation

    Hmmm im confused too :|

  24. Cheers to dimpled guys:) Don't you just love them:D
    YAY to the vacation bit, where to though?
    And pssssssssst what plans?;P You can tell me...

  25. @The Guy in the mirror
    :D..thanks again

    Dimples yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    some place that have beaches
    Okay come closer..Shhhhh..dont tell anyone noe what I'm thinking of Masters prog :D

  26. All the best for your future plans gal :)

    Luv ya :D

    Take care !!

  27. Nice Blogاچھا بلاگ ہے جی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  28. Aw man. I was surfing rather randomly and I found myself on this blog, reading this post. I LOVED it. You remind me of someone I know. I hope life becomes even better for you. You deserve to be happy. Atleast someone does. :)
    Straight from the heart. :)


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