Monday, September 5, 2011

Me ANd my LamE life

  • I Love Shoutbox =)
  • I feel like punching someone!!!
  • oh,I'm missing someone
  • I hate this job
  • I want the other job
  • I just rejected an offer twice
  • Headache =/
  • I hate HER,yes HER very much
  • I wanna cut my hair (boy-cut) :D:D:D
  • My mom gonna kill me for the haircut ;-/
  • I wanna eat more and grow fat :/
  • I hate the way I drive :o
  • I'm craving for BR ice creams =D
  • I need books,books and more books
  • I have no idea
  • @#$$##%
  • @_@'''
  • =_=
  • :(
  • .................................................................
  • I need to go back to bed
  • ..and why does FB still exist ? :/
  • Iphone or Samsung Galaxy S2? ;)
  • .......................i'm goin to bed 
  • and I sssoo hate him
  • and i hate that dark brown curtain in my room,it's giving me headache !!!!!
  • and I wanna run away from home =(
  • ....perhaps i just have to go to bed :(
  • I'm gonna hate that job,seriously =(


  1. lol, you are so cool to make these tedious things into a very amusing post. :D

  2. * shoutbox, is making me travel again and again.. and I love it :)
    * punch me,... ok, don't
    * me need someone to miss :)
    * I am jobless, by choice :D
    * the other job is dangerous
    * I rejected an offer twice too.. Seriously
    * Aww.. me can't help headache.. imagine me as orangutan, if that can help :|
    * I too hate her,.. now
    * Get that funky cut then, I don't know what is it called exactly
    * My parents didn't kill me, they just insult me in public whenever they feel like, for the cut
    * I wish I could be fat some day
    * Don't drive, bike it then
    * BR is overrated
    * I also need double the books that you need
    * Don't lie
    * &^^**^^
    * @i@
    * :)
    * ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
    * Read before that
    * Because I use it :)
    * Iphone 5, ftw \m/
    * Don't threaten :(
    * Ok, if you say so, but it's too much hatred for me :|
    * Turn and watch the awesome wall on the other side
    * Need help?
    * Still, you want to?
    * But you have more money than me, coz of the job.


  3. i feel like punching my self so hard that it may kill me. :P
    that is the height of my life being lame. :D

  4. lol...loved the msg in the last pic :)

  5. haha love the picture! lol its true though. and haha lol fun things to find out about you :P lol yeah why does fb still exits? (im totally lying i use fb even though it annoys me lmao)

  6. why does FB still exist ?
    this was a weird question :P i mean Facebook is our lifeline it should exist longgggg ;)

    baaki mast hai !
    take care :)

  7. Umm... an iPhone if you have choice. And if you are still feeling like punching someone, look at the mirror for a possible target. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @Linux not dat just awesomely idiot :P:P

  9. @aakash

    *same pinch <3
    *No I wont,you cant take it
    *Should I quit my job?so that I can join ur league
    *I know dat mom said the same too
    *I hate rejection,but maybe its wrong direction!!
    *Okay headache gone
    *Thanks you’re on my side now!!
    *Im going to one day and my mom will faint after she saw me
    *Great I like ur parents,they’re so cool
    *Lets grow fat then
    *Im cycling :):)
    *Give me ur add,I'll send u a book..(but only one)
    *God promise :P:P
    * :):):)
    *Read before that too!!
    *Okay that one reason is enuf!!!
    *Im throwing away my nokia
    *I’m just warning
    *I wont hate you,you noe dat :P:P
    *I love my walls its purple
    *Oh pls lend me a hand :):):)
    *Yes of coz i have a job early morning!!
    *But im cant make me happy

  10. Hahaha, everyone's trying to entertain ya here :D

    I loved that question, Why Fb still exist, Mark Zuckerberg, where are you bwoy :D :D

  11. @ateeq
    LOL dont...dont punch someone else

    @SUB to Google :):) and my lame life..glad that you had a good hate Fb :(:(

  12. @reicha
    LOL..well im weird..heheheh...its my deathline
    :P:P take care dear

    @Blasphemous Aesthete
    Yay two votes for Iphone..very Funny!!!! Mr Blasphemous!!! I'm not goin hurt my hand..:(:(
    Im goin for punchbag instead..less harm to others and me:):)

    oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Blame it on that guy!!! Poor guy..thanks for the comment

  13. now i want to post something like this too :D made me smile...

  14. that was real messy...but dont you worry..mee too with u in this..will enjoy and make it all the more messier :P

    omg..u dunno hindi wbu urdu ?? o_O


  15. @shashank sapre
    2 votes against one lets see :):)..and thanks for dropping by :):)

    Go ahead..its fun you noe...:):)

    hehehhe..real mess seriously!! thanks for joining is a mess

    sad..i dont noe both...and pls translate me those words..i would love to know what does it means :):)

  16. Loved your blog. Specially the last quote. Thus new reader.

  17. Happens...
    Even I rejected an offer twice and I ended up accepting it when I was offered the third time :P

  18. @Sh@s mycase,i dont think i'll be offered for the third time..glad that you've accepted it..

    take care:):)

  19. and so far i've read twice about the curtain. HAHA


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