Saturday, September 17, 2011

The world through my window pane

I sit by my window pane
On a lonely day
To watch the world pass by
 A thousand tales unfolds
Right in front of my eyes
She cries, and He hugs
She falls, and He catches
 I see hope on a faded face
 I see dreams of a young heart
I hear whispers, I hear songs of love
They walk, they dance and they smile
They hold hands, like it’s the end
Through my tiny window pane
I see a big world
A world too beautiful to ignore
Today, I left my window pane
To join the world at the other side
 A lonely day?
Nah, It’s no more!

P.S: Writing a poem after a long time!!!....acha laga aaj :D


  1. Lonely no more, just join the crowd, it's waiting for you. Indeed, the other side of the wall has company and warmth.

    Nice read,
    aur jo achha lage, wo karte raha keejiye :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. You know how I never get to smile at the happiness in poems specifically? They always tend to be dark and abstract and gloomy.
    When it started out I was sure the observer was going to be unhappy that she's stuck at the window pane while the world passes her by.

    Which is why I love this poem. For it made me smile, a very wide one at that.

  3. I loveee this line "A world too beautiful to ignore"... :) :)
    Very well written!! :D :D

  4. If only we let go of our miseries and the thought that hold us back and actually live, we all would be happy souls.

    Simple yet captivating lines!
    Agar accha laga toh likhte raho. Hume bhi accha laga.

  5. Wow !! such a sweet poem it is.. :)

    Join the other side of the window pane and feel the difference, you will forget the meaning of loneliness.

    Take care !!

  6. ** I see hope on a faded face
    I see dreams of a young heart
    I hear whispers, I hear songs of love

    I think those are preeetty lines :)
    And poetry after alot of days always feels amazing :D

  7. Beautifully written!
    Parh kar bhut acha laga!

  8. sabko acha lag raha hai :)
    kya khoob likha hai mohtarma TOSM ne
    Zindagi ki ek jhalak kabhi kabhi boht se ehsaas dikha deti hai....
    ^^^ Beat that :D


  9. a lonely day,
    Nah its no more,
    after reading this :D

  10. Guess what, meko bhi boht acha laga ab to :P :)
    Sweet post :)

    Love, Risha :)

  11. Beautiful loved the simplicity of the poem and your words :)


  12. beautiful.
    loved the pic and the close....

  13. I so love poetry and this is one of the best ones I've read so far :)


  14. @Blasphemous
    Hey Thanks...yes indeed the other side of the world is much more beautiful than i've expected

    and now,I'll only do things that makes me feel acha :)

    hey u changed ur name :P Now you really made me smile, a very wide one at ur comment,thanks you made my day :D

    Thanks dear, I too love that line the most

    Thanks darling :D:D

    hey u have been flooding my inbox with ur comments..well thank you for reading all my previous post..
    You too stay blessed :)

  15. @Red handed
    Hey Ms red,
    yes dear,and now I am a happy soul:D
    Thanks dear,im glad that you liked it :)

    awww..thanks dear :D yes yes the differences is so huge...that is so sweet of you
    you too,take care :)

    thanks dear,poetry after a long time really makes me feel acha :)

    Thanks hamza,that is so sweet of you! take care

    Hey i do understand what you've written,million thanks to my wonderful fren who helped me to translate it..and thank you so much for the lovely comment,you make smile :)

  16. @Furree Katt
    thanks dear <3

    thanks <3

    Thanks <3

    @ateeq glad that its not a lonely day anymore.thanks:D

    i know dat you'll liked that for sure *wink*..cheers and thanks :)

    oh dear, you make me stunned too..thanks :)

    thanks in love with your words too :)

    hey you gt a nice name :D welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for the comment

    awww..thanks <3

    awww..that makes me soooo happy dear,thanks for following and thanks a lot for ur lovely comment..*im smiling*

  17. Awesome!!!
    I loved the part
    "I hear whispers, I hear songs of love
    They walk, they dance and they smile"
    I hope anyone who gets to the other side meets joy, and success though its hard but then thats wat Life is!!! ))

  18. Usama

    hey thanks a lot...yes its so true,life is all bout going out there and makes urself happy instead of waiting for the happiness to come


  19. @tosom
    Yeah, I love reading what people have to say. Sometimes they are even better than reading novels ;)

    Hope it didn't bring you any discomfort :)

  20. it touched my heart...
    superbly xpressed... :)

  21. Happy you shared your poems with us - I love this one. It makes people from outside alive thought we don't know the, they take form through your words in front of our eyes.
    Very well done - would love to read more of your poems!
    Take care

  22. Awwww..thanks a lot..i really appreciate ur comment..thanks for reading my poem


  23. hii


    padh ke hume bhi accha laga aaj :)

  24. this is Awesome :)
    Boht hi allaaaaa <3

  25. wow noce this is!!

  26. nicely crafted lines...lovely words!

  27. @aman
    thanks u

    @center shocker
    hey..thanks a lot

    thank u sooo much :):)

  28. beautifully penned. great come back to poetry after so long. more poems please.

    yes the world out the is too beautiful to be ignored. be part of it :)

  29. yes yes more poems coming soon :D

    stay tuned


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