Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suggest ME a book and i will give you my smile :D :D:D

Okay enough of sad and gloomy post! I'm having holidays..hmmm did i mentioned to you that I'm having THREE days of holidays!! wow ..totally something to look forward to,I'm thinking of dropping by the bookstore,its been ages since I have read and shop for books..Well, I missed all those NERd-calling by my cousins whenever they see me with a book:P:P Ohh i guess im the first person on Earth that miss so much of being nerd:P..I love being nerd..YAY :D

Okay lets come straight to the point,i need some opinions on the book that i should read. I am sure that each of you have that one book that you loved the most, the kind of book that makes you laugh and cry at the same time....AH...yes yes that kind of book...the kind of book that you feel like shouting from the roof top and urge the whole world to read it,but it seems like nobody is listening to you...well well im all ears,tell me how awesome is that book..i would love to read it for sure..

Please do me a mercy by suggesting me books that you think that one should read at least once in their lifetime:):) because i have totally nO IDEA of what book to read,and with the little money that i have..I have to make some wise decision on the books that im gonna buy..

If its a book that worth reading,I'll grab it for sure...

what are you waiting FOR??? come on hit the comment button!!!


  1. The Book thief IS A MUST! you must read that book, it actually made me cry which never actually happens. The harry potter books? LOL when I get asked on the spot I can never seem to remember. And three days of holidays!! wow *shock* *gasp*! haha joking :) enjoy it to the fullest ;)

  2. Haha this is great! Thanks for update and support!

  3. read nicholas sparks, I am sure that'll match your taste.. I read Paulo Coelho too, but at times he gets preachy.. 'the fountainhead' by ayn rand is a classic favorite, but it might be too big to start with..


  4. The Kite Runner by Khalis Hosseini, Million little pieces by James Frey, Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon, Brida by paolo Coelho, thousand Splendid suns by Khalid,The Last Juror by John Grisham.

    But i guess u wud hv already read these.

  5. Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon and Angel and Demons by Dan Brown are awesome and one of my all tym favorite novels . DO NOT read Jumper its way too boring :p

  6. @NIO

    I've heard about book thief before,i guess its time to grab it..thanks ya!!!:D:D:D

    nicholas sparks is my fav..I've read a walk to rember &the notebook,i wanna read 'message in a bottle'....nah im not interested in classic,its too big for me :):) thankssssssssssssssss !!! :D:D

    @Red Handed
    I've read kite runner and thousand splendid..(two books that blew me away)..thanks for the suggestion..tell me ur dreams sounds nice..thanks :D:D

    hey welcome to my blog..thanks for the list..okay now i'll remember that!! :D:D:D

  7. Kala jado by M.A Rahat. Its not about black magic.
    Its a fiction novel and i guarantee you that it will stick to you until u will finish it.

    I have never been urdu book reader, but this one has made me experience the best thing in novels. Its very touching, deep and scary at times.

  8. Good books, I have a lot of them - Thinking about "The dark side of Love"Rafik Schami / "My Sister's Keeper" Jodi Picoult / Paulo Coehlo / "Eat, Pray, Love" Elizabeth Gilbert.
    Sure with everybody's help You'll find your happiness - enjoy!

  9. The book which I loved a lot when I read it for the first time was "The Phantom of The opera".

    My other suggestions would be Shantaram and Two Lives, An Equal Music which I read recently. The last two by Vikram Seth.

    Happy reading and Happy holidays :)

  10. Love Story by Eric Segal. Simple, short and the best love story I ever read :)

    PS: You know I hardly read fiction, so this must be good :) unless you have read it already...

  11. Read A Child called It
    by Dave Pelzer

  12. The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch.

    It is an easy read and you will not regret reading this one :-)

  13. Don't know of your taste but if you're the mushy girly kinds go for Nicholas Sparks- Dear John, The Gaurdian etc etc ..
    Then ofcourse my favourites are Jeffrey Archer's and John Grisham! The Prodigal Daughter, Kane and Abel ..and for Grisham, Runaway Jury , The Firm etc (btw they're all pretty serious)
    then ofcourse there's Sidney Sheldon . you must read Tell me your dreams..
    and if you want a change, go for To Sir with love! Grea book :D
    and I am following you now :D

  14. @Aiman
    oh dear!! :'( i dont understand Urdu but anyway thanks a lot for the suggestion my smiles for u!!:D:D

    hey thanks for the lovely wish,i have read EAT,PRAY,LOVE (its my fav)i will have a look at the others :D:D:D

    thanks Kunal..i'll def have a look at ur favorites..:D:D:D

    hey dear,i know that you hardly read fiction..then it must be really a good one :D:D thanks a lot :):)

    YOU told me about this book before,i'll get it for sure:):):) THANKS

    good to see you here..I have read the last lecture before and you're right..i never regret reading that book..indeed i lend the book to my friends..and they love it too :D:D

    hey welcome here :):)
    hey i just bought the book 'tell me ur dreams'!!!

    thanks a lot..and im following u too

  15. One Day by David Nicholls (don't go and see the film though, its shocking. The book it much much better)

    If you want to laugh then 'e' by Matt beaumont is brilliant.

    James Patterson books are all good.

  16. hahah..hey there..thanks for the suggestion :):)

    'E' sounds interesting :D:D

    Take care :):)

  17. if u want something classic,
    In other rooms other wonders, by daniyal mueenuddin,
    and if u love phillosophy, then grab'
    Sophie's world,
    and my all time favorite,
    no man's land, by G.M ford,

  18. Thanks ateeq,here's my smiles for u :):):)

  19. Why u want a book? Go read my blog. :P

  20. Randeep

    but you're not updating ur blog ;'''''''''(

  21. Try reading 'Inscrutable Americans'. Its funny and entertaining.'Life of Pi' is quite good too.

  22. @aishawarya
    thanks..and i like ur name.its nice


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