Sunday, November 16, 2014


When he proposed to me, I was speechless and shocked of course. At the same time, I kept looking at him, not saying anything but trying to find answers through his eyes to all of my questions . Would I be able to keep my promises to the man who's standing in front of me? How do I make my family to accept us? I said yes because I want to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man and its so unfortunate that my family members refuse to give him a chance.

There's just too much of unbearable pain, tears and humiliation thrown on us. The problem is never both of us,but the people around who's trying to bring us down in whichever possible ways. The Syariah law in my country will never allow us to get married without him converting. The topic of conversion is obviously off from our list. I don't understand why people expect him to convert just to prove his love to me.I love him for who he is and at the end of the day, that's what matters the most.

My mother knew about my interfaith relationship and since then there's a barrier between me and her. I have completely stop talking to my brother in law because the way he reacted to our relationship had crossed the line of sanity. I just loathe when all of them kept asking "Why cant I find any Muslim man?" Like there's something wrong with me or him for that matter. 

And of course their perception is just the reflection of their own character.

On another end, we have people trying to lecture us on how God comes above everything. I mean if God is so great why he expects sacrifices from weak creatures like us? Why can't He be let go of his rules to those who sincerely love each other? Some things just don't make sense.

We are not  love struck teenagers. Both of us are matured grown ups who think before we make any decisions. 

We are still figuring out on how, where and when we can get married. We are looking around, making some plans for the future.

 One thing for sure, it will be a civil marriage. 

And that decision would absolutely irked everyone around us. I have come to a point that I simply don't care anymore. 


  1. it's because he knows we are capable to abide by what he says, it's the weak ones that don't choose to.

  2. Well, god doesn't expect any sacrifices from his kids...he just wants them to become strong datz d only reason he throws lots of hurdles in their path. All the religions, differences r created by we humans nt god.Our generation is ok vd all this but our parents generation is little different from us..give some time to dem..hav faith in god...things vl get better very soon...keep ;-)

  3. Hold On

    You guys will end up together with all the people baffled how could this work out so beautifully...that's gonna be tight slap on those idiots..

    god prayers are with u both

  4. God is within each of us and acceptance that everyone is entitled to their faith is the first step to realize that. In a lot of cases, love helps us realize this and it's great that you are sticking it out. I faced a similar problem though we were not even of interfaith but just intercaste. It was a 4 yr struggle and finally we decided that we have to take the call. Everyone except my FIL came onboard and my FIL is still standing at a distance even after seeing with his own eyes that his son is happy.

    Guess some things are meant to be this hard so that we know the value of it. At least that's how I took it. I am proud of you and your guy for this and kudos to you guys. Take your time and plan a simple wedding. There's a lot more to enjoy than just a lavish wedding and fake smiles. You should have a marriage not just a wedding :)

  5. Nothing about God makes sense if you ask me, but then again, I'm surely going to hell.



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