Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An average life


At times life appears like an endless blissful journey.

At times I wake up with a thud in my chest and unshakable nightmare.

I thought I have resigned to defining life since years ago. One step at a time lessen the burden of a troubled heart but still little facts about the world I live continues to haunt me every now and then. What is love and to what extend can you let someone to hold your heart? The question about who are our ancestors and what got into their mind when they drew the blueprint of caste  and social class? Why one man is above another? In what sense we raise up the status of a human being?

Maybe I am a hypocrite person to start with? Why we always wait for the fire to burn our fingers first before turning off the flames.Human nature? I speak up because it concerns me. What about those people who are silenced with law and fear? Who will speak up for them?

Perhaps life is a chain. It goes on in a loop. We tolerate with our fate, We confine ourselves to a hut of ignorance. In this way we might find a temporary contentment but peace will be hard to come by. Someday when you are all alone with your darkest thought, the truth will come knocking off all your conscience and I hope you have not left a single tile for regrets.

Here we are,
Arm in arms,
Heart to hearts,
Waiting in a haunted stop,
For the sky to fall,
When the world ends to a knot,
We will rise into one.


  1. I'm touched at some points of this post. It's so well-described and that's the reality of life. If it's just one blissful journey, then we'll be at the losing end of not being able to experience its true meaning. The ups and downs are what make us human.

    Loved your poem! You penned it well. :)

  2. A. Some day you will have to take that big leap decision. Sooner is better.


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