Sunday, July 6, 2014

Who & What

It would take years and generations to eradicate racism in this world. Many are marrying outside their faith and race. For some it worked out wonderfully with grandchildren playing around their backyards and for some it turned out to be a living hell. But in every relationship regardless interfaith or same faith,if you failed to tolerate and understand each others need,I'm sure its easy for poisonous thoughts to sneak into your shaky marriage.

For days my mother has been pestering me to tell who's the guy behind the reason I'm declining all arrange marriage offers. Today she brought in my brother in law to have a discussion with him. Out of respect I told them that he's the guy from work place,some details of where his parents are and where he is staying now. They asked what's his name. I didn't answer that part. When I said he's staying with aunt's family,they asked what is his aunts name. I didn't answer that part. 

And then they asked me " What is he?"

"He's a human being with a pair of eyes, two hands and two legs" I answered

I was lectured for about few minutes on how important it is to know 'What" he is so that they can do some checking on his background. I told them maybe they should meet and talk to him first so that they can know what type of person he is...

So the discussion ended with my mother wiping her tears and me promising to arrange meeting between RJ and my brother in law.


  1. Good luck, I hope things work out wonderfully for you.

  2. All the best! Love marriage means taking a stand against the conservative society.

  3. well I am not against inter caste or religion.. but it does bring a lot of problems.. which need to be talked and SORTED out before going into the relation.

    I say that because I know.. and I als osay I am not against because I am not. My brother is married to a muslim girl.. and my sis has married a bengali.. Touch wood and thank god we have no problems and get along very nicely .. been more than a decade now ..

    BUT on other hand I have seen chaos , as you say what about kids .. SO Talk it out .. Know what you are getting into.. and THEN stand strong ..

    All the best always .. I am sure it will all be fine


  4. This world is a sad place but I think some things are actually getting better.

    / Avy


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