Thursday, June 26, 2014

Incoherent Thoughts

Past few weeks had been a ride on the seesaw. One moment I'm so high on life thinking I can achieve almost everything that I desire and the next moment I see myself curled up,unable to free myself from the shackles of torment. My mother sitting on the edge of my bed, crying and begging me to get married to her choice. I have to say No because I have no intention of marrying someone that I don't love and leaving the person I love for the sake of fulfilling my mother's wish. The huge generation gap between me and her is getting wider by the differences in our thoughts and way of life.On the other hand, the love of my life has become a silent punching bag for me to express my anger. Still,he stood by me,whispering encouraging words and sharing a beautiful hope for the future.

Perhaps,I sound like an ungrateful child disobeying my mother and rebutting each of her words.She seems tired of hearing my logic and my untimely dreams. Maybe I can never be the kind of daughter that she dreamed of having.Someday the whole world is going to judge me based on one decision that I intend to make and on that day all the good things I have done in the past will be washed away by the shore,forgotten just  like summer heat during winter. In the end,it reflects their own character, not mine.


  1. That last line.. You know the answer. You are the sole dictator of your life. You are not an ungrateful daughter.

    1. Thank you dear.Its a struggle to own the rights to my own life :(

  2. I posted a comment too :(

    why are my comments not going through??

  3. every generation has its own opinions. marriage is a very important thing and I think the life partner should be someone known to us and not a complete stranger.

    1. Exactly Ankita..I couldnt imagine marrying a man who doesnt know any bits of me

  4. YESssssssss totally agree .. sometimes no matter what you do or how good one is .. one little thing and all that was good gets washed away ..

    I know that feeling .. seems to be I am always in that spot ..


    1. Yeah..That's how life is I guess..Thanks for reading

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  6. No two generations are same and every coin has two sides. I know how hard it must have been for you but you definitely cannot stop trying, talk it out to her, have a heart to heart conversation and let it be very honest. Or even better, call this wonderful guy over for dinner and let the aura speak for itself. If he's a keeper, you mother can't deny him sweetheart. Good guys are hard to find and on the verge of extinction anyway. Good luck, tell me how'd it go!

    Also, I don't want to use any swear words on this extremely serious post but who the fuck is this Anonymous person posting so off the topic or maybe its a spam.

    1. Risha my dear,its been so long since I drop by your blog. Not sure how I lost the link to your blog. He's indeed a wonderful guy and yes I shall bring him over lunch/dinner someday. But I'm not sure how my mother's reaction would be

      Its quite a complicated story to begin with..I just hope it get less complicated as time pass by

      P.S:Yes its a spam and its really annoying! This anonymous deserves swear words


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