Monday, May 5, 2014

Three's a crowd

He tried hard not to meet her eyes in the middle of the conversation. Her eyes reflects back his lies, bouncing his words back to him. Her youth shines behind the dancing earrings, camouflaging her tiny wrinkles. An outsider might be deceived by her age.

While carrying Sashi on her hip, she prepares lunch box for Sasha.

"I will not be home during the weekends"he said

"Alright, I will bring Sasha to swimming class then". She carried on her chores diligently, pausing only once in a while shoving back her front fringe that falls every now and then, as if reminding her to take a break in between her shuffles from kitchen to the bathroom.

Jay slams the door behind him as he walks out.

"Strange, nowadays the wind is just too harsh" Radha mumbled to herself and  wonders out loud on what side dish can pair perfectly with her dhal curry.

The door opens,the clock struck 8 at night.

 She gave him the duplicate keys to her apartment, expecting in return for a wedding ring. She had been told that one shouldn't expect anything in return when it comes to love but is this late night affair called love? She embraces him with her arms, makes sure his comforts are her utmost priority. She hugged him tightly and watches him drift to sleep. 

"Love you Radha" he mumbled softly in his sleep

Brinda slowly untangled his arms from hers, careful enough not to wake him up. While shifting to her side of bed,she realized where she stands in his life.


  1. Unfaithful yet still in love...interesting this was! Very different.

  2. oh that is sad .. yep three is a crwod.. he should divorce Radha and be with brinda



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