Monday, May 12, 2014

The glass that separates..

I'm so glad that I don't have to spend this lovely morning stuck in front of a desktop. Yesterday was Sunday and I felt so frustrated that I have to go work while everyone else is having fun out in the sunshine. Having leave from work is a bliss for me. I work during odd hours as my job demands me to shift the clock back to 5 hours earlier from the actual time. So when everyone's about to leave, I go to work or else I will be in office at dawn.

When I gazed through the glass door that separates me and the outside world, I felt an itch in my heart. I felt as if I'm in a crossroad,not sure of what to do with my life. I tried not to think about the glory of the past because the past is no more than a burden on my shoulder. I need a change of direction. Sometimes in life, you have to do something drastic in order to revive back the exhausted cells in your body. I'm tired of this routine life, looking at the same faces that walk through the corridor to fetch themselves morning coffee or the same colleague who's always punctual  and cant seem to stop talking. (Something about his punctuality bothers me :| )

While cultures and restrictions are essential in a community, it can also suffocate a free soul. I want to be free. I want to be able to book for flights without the guilt of hurting my parents. Oh, I have so many dreams waiting to be materialized. Someday I wish I have the nerve to smash the glass door that is holding me back all this while. Of course, you have to be accountable for everything that you do in your life and I believe the price that I have to pay is always worth the freedom.


  1. You sound as if you have an internal-eagle that is just begging to fly free. I hope your wings spread and your soul can fly to freedom my friend...

  2. We all want to break free but somewhere down the line we continue to allow culture and people bind us even more. I hope we dont.


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