Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lost memories

None of his daughters have blue eyes, he proudly claimed to have inherited them from his late grandfather.His head covered with white hair, only one or two strands of black hair remains, which constantly reminds him of his younger days. His wife had left him so many years ago in her sleep,leaving him alone with four daughters. There's never been a day he yearned for a son because angels usually comes in the form of daughters.

"Papa, keep this with you.This will help to bring you home in case you got lost"

Jayanthi, his eldest daughter kissed him on the forehead and gave him a small card that contains his name,contact number and his address before leaving for work.

He clutched to the card as if it's a sacred bible. Life seems to be a time bomb for him, anytime and anywhere his memories will slip away from his mind. He was warned the day will come when he'll not remember Jayanthi's first smile, Jansi's first word and the moments his twin girls received their graduation scrolls.

The door closed with a thud and tears streamed down as reality dawned upon him.


  1. Sad sad sad...Beautifully narrated!'
    Terrible disease. My great grandmother had it.

  2. A terrible moment..so beautifully expressed!

  3. I remember being a reader of you quite a few years back and all of a sudden I found you no where

    Here you are again with the same earthly touch of emotions..

  4. Ah! This one is your masterpiece. I pray that no one in your family ever has to go through Alz.

  5. Thats sad.. yet touchy and full of love!

  6. Oh dear - this is so heartbreaking - you put it so profoundly.

    1. yes it was heartbreaking even to write this :(


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