Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Life between two labels

He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. The shirt was almost too tight for his skinny body.He swayed his limbs, holding a note pad along and walked to our table. Close up, the powdery foundation on his face was quite apparent though. I wasn’t sure whether it was the lip gloss that made his lips to shine along the morning sun rays. He constantly shakes his hip when he asked for our orders. Apart from giving our orders, our eyes shifted from one another mutely mocking the waiter in front of us.

As soon as he left, we burst into a bomb of laughter, teasing the man with words that were quite harsh, words that cannot be undone. Suddenly I felt a tinge of shame and guilt in me as I fiddled with my spoon on the served food, shuddered at the realization that I am one of those who despise this kind of people. 

What if the man was one of my brothers or my close friend? Does he deserve to be treated this way wherever he goes? I placed myself in the defendants stand, questioned my own morality and contemplate on the reasons for my unacceptable behavior. I blamed myself for joining the crowd but obviously the wrong crowds are the one who rules the world. 

Homosexuality and Transgender are conservative topics especially if you were born and raised in Asian countries.  More often or not we laughed it off rather than discussing about it in retrospect or even come close in prevailing justice to the affected people. One of the reasons that we raise our eyebrows whenever we see one of them in the streets is because of the religious beliefs that we stands on. Most of the religions in the world prohibited gender change and same sex relationship. In Genesis 1:26, the Bible says, "And God created man in His image, in His likeness; male and female He created them....and it was very good." This correlates with the teaching of other major religions in the world as well that strictly forbids homosexuality and deemed it as a kind of action made against God’s will.

However, how one faces the question of incapability to fit in the label that had been given to them since birth will remain an equation that doesn’t add up to balance. Somewhere in this boundary-less world, there’s someone struggling with his or her personal identification. Parents’ wonder what went wrong and blaming themselves on the upbringing of their child. People around plays along the cursing game instead of finding out how the wrong can be made right.
It’s quite pathetic that we are living in a world fenced with normality. Behaviors or situation that deviates out of the fence of normality will be remaining shut off from our thoughts. Everyone ought to be given the rights to choose the way of their own life as long as it doesn’t pose any physical threat to anybody. We have to review back our own conscience and get our feet deep into how we can make the world a better place for those who are living a life between two labels. At the end of the day, everything will be in between you and God. It depends on Him how your judgment will be based on. The best we can do is to bridge the gaps between us and them. Everyone should be heard and I believe nobody choose a life to suffer. If I had given a chance to relive those moments I mocked them involuntarily, I would like to stand up and let my voice to speak volumes of defense for them.


  1. Babe this revelation doesn't come to everybody. It came to you. Blessed! :)

  2. "Somewhere in this boundary-less world, there’s someone struggling with his or her personal identification" I'd make this everyone. Every one is struggling to either fit into their existing label or in the search of a new one. Everyone, including me and you.

    I loved how beautifully you brought out this topic. You are wonderful :)


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