Friday, December 6, 2013


This week had been really a tiring one Last Tuesday,I met with an accident. No one was injured though. Yes I argued with the one who bang my car on the road while a lot of people watched. I dont know where I got the nerve to do that. My self defense button was turned ON and I couldnt stop from defending myself and blaming the other guy for his impatience.  Later on I realised that he's way too old and I started to call him uncle and yes while still arguing loudly. Based on the damage on my car the law confirmed that it was my fault and I'm the one who's supposed to be blame on the accident.

Seriously I'm just too tired to go on fighting for the right thing. So the next day I went to the police station to lodge a report. After waiting for what seems a lifetime suddenly my turn comes. And the police asked me whether I know how to type or not. I said yes. And the next thing was he handed me the keyboard and asked me to type my own report. Can you guys believe it? Is this how a police should react."Ahh,at least I can rest for a while " he said while heading towards a small room while I continued to type. When he returned to his seat, his breath smells of cigarrete smokes. Unethical behaviour! 

After I'm done with the typing I was asked to enter another room where I'm supposed to meet Sergeant M. To my disappointment, he just left because he had an emergency and no one else willing to take the ownership of my case because Sergeant M is the one supposed to be the person in charge. In order to  claim insurance, the police supposed to capture the pictures of the damage and guess what, the two photographers were not in as well :) So I was told to call Sergeant M the next day and book another appointment just to get the pictures taken. The next day I called him and he told me that he went to the accident spot (which I highly doubt) and based on some investigation, those who comes from the lane are at fault regardless who bang who. He said the conclusion was made based on the standard law and its been practised all this while. 

So even if  I hire the best lawyer I would still lose.  Sergeant M was totally unaware that the pictures weren't taken and request me to drop by the police station AGAIN so that can be arranged. Today I went again to the police station,again I received a very rude customer service. I went to the photographer and told him that he wasnt here when I came two days ago and he was somehow taken aback by my statement. He asked me how can there be no photographer at all. After I explain the time and date, finally he admitted that he wasnt in the station. 

I'm glad that I parked my car quite far from the station and I made him walk because I dont think these people do work anyway. After I'm done with the station I went to claim insurance for my car at the car dealer. I was told to wait for almost one hour because the person in charge will only come around 1030am. I waited patiently hoping someone can assist me. After 1030am,nobody came to me and assist.  I walked back to the receptionist and asked how long more it will take and you know what she said "Oh,you just have to take up the stairs. All this while the person in charge was there but nobody bother to inform me,only when I asked.
And after so long of waiting they told me "Oh this is not the place you suppose to come and give a different address". I was too tired after all this hassle and decided to just head back home.Maybe I can just fix my car without claiming for the insurance. This is how the goverment offices work. Its just too much of paperwork and pain. I might just as well give the 500 $ to the guy that owned the Vellfire and settle this outside of police station. But I want justice and that's the reason I went to report. 

I guess this is what happening to a lot of people. My case is just a simple one which can be solved in a day. But they push me around here and there. Can you imagine how rape victims and other major crime victims face?The justice system is just too flawed regardless which part of the world you are and that is why many people choose to suffer in silence than being humiliated in public.I'm so disappointed because I'm one of those who belongs to the group of helpless citizen and unable to do anything to change all this injustice.


  1. hey nice post mehn. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled Subconscious Attitude That Pushes People Away From You .
    keep up the good work.


  2. This is unfortunate that you had to go through all this just to try to lodge a report. Where did all this occur?

  3. I live in a country called Malaysia :( My first experience with the justice system was a bad one.

  4. A. This is so frustrating. The scene is the same in most Asian countries. You should actually catch hold of some local big guy before you approach the gov. Otherwise they will make you go in circles forever.

    I feel bad for you. Take care.

  5. A dash cam would have been great in this situation. That way you have video evidence of what occurred.

  6. I am so sorry that this had to happen. There are a lot of injustice in my country, too. Such a horrible truth. :-(

  7. Rajesh,

    I dont know any big local guy :S I still havent get my car fixed..Sigh


    Exactly I was just thinking the same..A dash cam can very handy in my situation

    Agree,such horrible truth..If only people do their jobs properly :(


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