Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Updates again!

This  is what happened when I pause writing for a while,I find it very hard to make a come back to the world of words. Maybe that's how my brain works. For example if I come back after a long holiday I will almost forget on how to do my office work. Somehow I would feel as though my brain has frozen  and the words are struggling to find rhythm  with my hands on the keyboard. (By the way,am I the only one who erases the whole sentence just because only one of the word has a typo error? )

I have taken up swimming lessons just for the fun of it. I almost drown so many times but M said  I should set a reminder on my brain that I wont ever drown in a swimming pool and hat hopefully gives me more confidence. I want to be able to swim and  I feel uttermost satisfaction and inner peace when I'm in the water. But to be honest,I'm quite disgusted when I overheard a mother who suggested her son to pee in the swimming pool when he had the urge to do so. To my surprise, the boy was matured enough not do so (or so I believe). Such is the condition of the world that I'm sharing with some people here.

Sometimes I feel as though I was dumped by a stork 25 years ago because I always find fault in whatever my family does for me or not allow me to do. I feel like I'm a teenage again where the whole world conspires to not letting me to live the way I want to. Maybe I'm just a late bloomer,everything happen quite late in my life.Few days ago I was sulking so badly that I asked my mother to sell away the cupboards,study tables and everything that she bought for me because I don't need those stuff.

I'm not complaining or stop counting my bliss,I'm just venting my heart out because it helps to put my thoughts in align with the normality of the world

On a brighter side, I have resorted to reading again to cure my  depressed heart and yes, a lot of chocolates and tooth ache to suffer later as well.


  1. 1. Welcome back.
    2. The pool thing... Trust me, I have experienced worst. (Don't even ask) and pray, keep that woman away from the pool!!
    3. My mind freezes too, I am always afraid that I might never get back from a vacation !!

    1. I really I dont see her around the pool..I think her kids are more matured that her..seriously,she's sick !!!
      Thank you Rajesh for your welcoming words :)

  2. Chocolate always soothes me. Especially chocolate with peanut butter :)
    And I need to take swimming lessons this spring!

    1. Go for it,swimming feels like flying in the water :)

  3. No, you are not the only one. I shall re-type the entire sentence if I have a typo.

    The pool thing, yikes. But trust me there are a lot of people who do that!

    Take care darling! Write often, maybe that will help :)

    1. The pool thing is really sucks ..Thats what i hate about swimming pool ..
      Thank you Soumya,writing really helps and so does your words :)

  4. I will never enter a swimming pool ever again!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I too think that my family is conspiring against me. I think that's normal.
    You take care woman. All the sadness has an expiry date.

    1. :( I hope at least swimming pool can be spared from evil people but its certainly not

      I wish i have my own swimming pool ..

      yeah..i hope someday the sadness evaporates away


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