Monday, October 14, 2013

Night shift

Its 2.43 am and I'm in the office. Technical support job has it perks. This is the first time I'm doing night shift and it's kinda cool. I have watched a number of movies since yesterday.Most likely I'm the only girl in this entire building now. There isn't much call at nights. Several hours ago, an old lady called and ask my help to set up some software for her new computer. She told me it was 1 am in her country. We had some friendly chat while I'm getting my job done by remote accessing to her machine.I solved all her queries to which she wrote some compliment feedback on the website. The lady mentioned that she couldn't sleep so she just wanted to set up her new computer so that she can start transferring her files from her old one. Although sometimes I hate my job but this kind of calls  really motivates me to help out people. Some callers are really sweet especially when they write appraisal emails  about you to your manager.  

On another note my sister is pregnant and she's not that happy, given the fact that her oldest kid is 17 years old. I don't understand what the big deal anyway but she said she's not quite comfortable to be pregnant when she has teenagers at home.So I told her if she doesn't want the baby, I could take care of it.She's alright about giving the baby to me after it's born but anyhow she has to bear the childbirth again. She's a bit traumatic when it comes to the whole child bearing process as she thought she's done with it when her youngest kid was born. Seems like there's a lot of things to look forward to. RJ said its not joke nor easy to take care of kids. There's a lot of responsibilities when it comes to raise a child. 

And I think I agree with him.


  1. Night shift can be cool, especially when you have clients like that! :)
    and RJ is right!!

  2. Thank you Soumya and Red handed for reading :)
    Its cool to work on night shitts


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