Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Towards the future....

Its 6.23am and I havent slept since four hours ago.The Time Traveller's Wife had somehow managed to find its way onto my bed tonight. Amidst the piles of pillows,the book decided to be my sole companion on one of these sleepless nights. Sometimes I just wish there's a curtain in my room that could somehow shows me towards the future, bring me to a certain world where I can get some answers to my questions.

In few years time, I wonder how the side of my bed will be,plainly cold or warmth from his breath? And whether it will be a one room apartment or a blue mansion by the seaside? How the old me would look like? Do I still frown at the sight of people who spit in the streets? Can coffee and ice creams still be my comforts on a gloomy day.

I heard them saying,knowing the future it ain't fun,it takes the fun out of living. But I want certainty,I want to know whether it will be or not be. I want to know what the future holds for me. I hope I dont change much in the future. I hope some tastes in food will remain the same. I hope the man who sells second hand books in Campbell street will still be selling cheap books to me. 

"Three books for 50 and you know I will always come back"  
Okay only for you dear.

I hope to see the same smile on my face again and again as I grab the books and walk back to a home where my heart is.


  1. Just a genuine post. I hope that the future consists of him warming the sife f ur bed, if not a blue mansion by a seaside atleasg a gorgeous little house, ppl not spitting on the read and icecream for life. Also your book seller will be there. Atleast there is something called as wishful thinking.

  2. It's the uncertainty of the future that keeps us going

  3. Future!! itz a long tale with no end.. :)

    1. Exactly,maybe we should be allowed to catch a glimpse of our future

  4. Whatever will be will be. The future is not ours to see.....
    Something happening in your life. I see you on a seesaw. I hope things work out.


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