Monday, October 7, 2013

Prompt No 18: An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die

1.Yell at my boss. I hope I will never have to yell at my boss because he's the best :)

2.To be Moneyless

3.Break up with my love

4.Stab my brother because sometimes I just hate him that much

5.To see my love one dying

6.Commit suicide

7.To die young.

8.To trip and fall while holding a cup of hot drink/soup.

9.Cause accident to other while driving. Its not fair for them to suffer from injury due to my own carelessness.

10. Jobless. I suffered without job for months and I never wish to do it again.

11.Pierce my nose. Sometimes I wonder what will happen when those with pierced nose have flu. No offense,really

12. To stutter on my words when doing a public speaking in front of a crowd. That will be phenomenally epic failure for me.

13. To lose my passport when travelling to a different country. That will cost me a fortune.

14. To lose that two front teeth when I get old because it add characters to my face :P

15. To have to write another anti-bucket list on my blog because I have run out of ideas..

Love you all.. Thanks for reading my anti bucket list..


  1. Hehehe, sums up my anti-bucket list too :)

  2. cool yaa... nice one :) i hope these one will never ever happen to you!

  3. I have an impression that you care too much about others. Which is something very good :)

    1. Yeah :) But sometimes it can be very bad too :(

      Thanks for reading


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