Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prompt No 16: 7 things you learned from being a kid

After posting the previous entry,I was really  depressed and even thought of quitting blogger. I don't know why but every time I open up to anyone about the problem that I'm facing,I just wish I shouldn't have done it at all.:( I do appreciate the feedback from you guys. That shows some of you genuinely care about me :) .Don't get me wrong,I'm not trying to be an atheist but I'm just lacking the faith.Oh yeah,I bought myself a cheese burger but it tasted so awful that makes me feel more miserable than I am already.

Nothing to worry about. I'm used to this feeling and I think by continuing this 'Blogger challenge' at least can make me a bit happier.

Without further ado, 7 Things I've learned from being a kid....

1.If you want to achieve your dreams,do it with your own money not your parents

2. You will heal from whatever pain but scars stay forever

3. To Rise up every time you fall

4. Failure is as important as success

5.Laughing out loud can makes you feel good

6.Learned how to cook instant noodles

7.Sometimes  prayers can create miracles


  1. You don't need other people to succeed, but it's a lot easier if you have help.

  2. our believes shape our realities.
    So, essentially everything in the head happens for real. So, here we are analysing the known future selves.


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