Friday, October 11, 2013

Prompt No 20: Your earliest childhood memory

We dont let others to get into our small gang whom consist of five cousins. We stay in the same neighbourhood,our  room doors are always open to each other but not to strangers.Meal time is always wonderful because we have varieties to put onto our plates. I remember those days when we will wake up the earliest on weekends and go for our morning activities. Whomever reach the  the other side of the road first will  emerge as the winner .I remembered how having short legs and heavy body always prevented me from being one. We are also one of the creative kids in the neighbourhood. When we heard there is serial kidnapper roaming in our town, we decided to hold an ad hoc meeting and brainstorm ideas to protect ourselves from these criminals. One of the task was to create a weapon out of anything that can make us escape from dangerous adults. I came out with a weapon made out of ice cream sticks and needles. I sellotaped the needles to the sticks where the sharp points pointed out and covered it with a thermometer cap. Another one of us came out with bottle containing the shavings of pencils that can be used as an alternative to pepper sprays. 

Birthdays are always wonderful. Everytime someone's birthday hit the calendar , all of us will come up with something and combined it together to make it look like a hamper.This will definitely bring up a smile on the birthday baby's face. Meanwhile on the afternoons we spent time at the beach beside our apartment to collect crabs and also busy digging soils in the field believing that we can find new water source for all of us. We even make our own kites out of newspapers and bamboo sticks.I remembered my Dad had to come looking for me because I will be so lost in our adventures that dinner time always almost end at the time we reach our own homes.

As we grew to become adults,a lot of things have changed since then,we stopped talking to each other. I have lost touch with two cousins because our parents decides to end ties with each other. The other cousins are too busy with their own world and so goes with me. I have deliberately deattached myself from them because of clashing thoughts and arguments over things that doesnt matter.

Everything has changed. Now,we have new fields open and more playgrounds are built. There is a reserved path for cyclers and more shops available if you want to grab some chocolates.Sadly,the beach beside our apartment is no longer open for public and so does our hearts stop looking over for each other too..

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