Monday, October 21, 2013


I have grown bored of watching movies during night shift. The thought of bringing a book to work always slipped from my mind. I'm not complaining,working night shift is kinda cool because the working days are shorter. Four days in the first week and three days in the second week,so out of  10 working days you only work for 7 days. The actual problem starts after your night shift ends, the way you adapt  to the normal shifts and going back to the usual hectic and chaos of the day shifts. It's quite crucial to say the least.

Surprisingly my work life is getting better these days. I'm one of the top three agents in my department for this quarter.Maybe I'm speaking too soon but it makes me really happy as all my hard work getting paid well. And customers are sending compliment letters to my manager. I'm glad that I didn't disappoint him as I respect my manager very much. RJ promised me that for each compliment letter,I will get a piece of cake as a treat from him. He joked that he might need to buy a whole cake for me very soon. 

At least one part of my life is going good even though I cried on my office desk yesterday night.I hope nobody heard me as it will be quite embarrassing for me if anyone notice that.  It's getting harder to keep fighting for something. Sometimes I get too tired and I just want to lie on bed and give up on the world. But every time I almost drown,someone always come and pick me up,whisper encouraging words and remind  me that every problem have a solution. It's up to us to find our own way.

I find my whole life is a joke but when I look at those  having a shittier life than mine,I think I have a lot of things to be grateful for. Maybe the universe should stop competing with me over something that I wanted the most.

By the way, RJ came out with a premonition/theory that someday the world will come to an end and this catastrophe might be caused by water because over 70 % of the Earth's surface is covered by water. 

I guess its time to learn swimming...


  1. There is always something good in life that we can look up to. God doesn't leave us in completely dark. At least that's the hope we have to hold on to.

    Get ready to eat that whole cake missy! :-)

    1. I hope everything goes well. Sometimes I got too tired of pain..

      I love cakes and I'm definitely going to work hard to earn it :)

  2. Well when one part of life gets the sun shine....somewhere else it rains.. Its part of some spiritual physics :/
    Let us learn swimming.

    1. Maybe thats how life meant to be :(

      Swimming feels like flying in the water..

  3. There are brightly lit highways and dimly lit lanes. While you cruise on one, you learn to find your way through the other.

    Do learn to swim, but then when its going to be floods, God will send you a boat.

    Cheer up.


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