Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Restless. Guilty.Regrets. Fear.

I hope they remember me when I'm gone. I want to be alive in their memories even after my death.
I hope they will go through my pictures,remember my laughter and say my name during a short conversation.I hope they will have coffee with caramel on top of it just in a way of remembering me. I wish they lay flowers on my grave and shed a tear or two for their loss.
It's had been 4 years since he left us. Nothing's changed but a lot of things happening in  different way these days.I hope he's here, sharing the story of how he survived the plane crash rather than me pondering over his life that ended too quickly,even before it begins.

But the truth is, he's not here and never will be here. Just memories lingering around the corner,telling us how one had a very short life, unfulfilled dreams and a lonely death. About  how humans plan always in short when compared to God's will. Today, I prayed for him to Him asking him to be given a special place in heaven because he wasn't given more time compared to all of us.

Meanwhile here I'm wishing that I will never have to die alone.


  1. I only wish the best for u and may his soul rest in peace. Praying...

  2. This was very heartfelt and really was beautifully written. My prayers are with you.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, dear. May God give you comfort in this time of sadness. ♡


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