Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn’t and that would make an even better blog post! Cringe}

There was a huge organizational change happened back then. Our team was divided into two different business line. My whole new team was actually based on a different branch. Aforementioned company branch actually located quite far away and in order to reach there I have to pass by the bridge. My mom was really freaking out when I informed her about this. She told me if I have to move to a different branch, than I might as well quit my job. 

I tried explaining to her many times that I'm having difficulties to work in a situation where I was the only one left out at this branch and I have to move there as it will be convenient for me but all my effort was in vain. Distance wise it might be far but worth the travel. My mother stood firm on her decision and I have decided to move there anyway without telling her anything about it. I used to wake up so early to travel to the other branch and whenever she ask why the trouble going so early to work,I would just say I got a lot of things to do.

It went on just fine for few months till I found out that one of my distance cousin also worked in the same team, By knowing my name,he found out that I am actually his cousin sister.He started to call me 'sister' at office and trust me it was kinda awkward. As I feared, he started to spread the story about me working at this branch to his family members.Some secrets can't be hide forever.  My dad  happened to meet his dad at a funeral. During the casual talk,his dad bring up the topic of me who is working in the same company as his son. My dad,totally clueless about this was dumbfounded and asked me the next day  where exactly I was working. I was shocked but daring enough to say that I'm working at the same branch as this while.(I lied again) The whole day I was feeling guilty about hiding this from my father. That night I sneak in to my dad's room,bent on my knees and confessed that I actually working at that mainland branch and ask him not to tell mother as she will be worried about my safety.

Well,knowing my dad, I guess he told my mother about that but she never confront me about this tilll today.Anyways I'm back to the initial branch,special thanks to my current manager for bringing back to his team.

Thanks for reading..

I guess my writing getting worse day by day


  1. I wonder why some cousins are like that :/

    1. Simple ..To make our life a bit difficult :)

      Thank you for reading

  2. Glad it worked out in the end.

    Secrets never help. You are better off just fighting for what you want, than keep it from people that matter.

    1. You see Raaji..I have to learn to fight with all my heart for something that i believe is the right thing to do..

      I have to grow up eventually

  3. At least it worked out. It could have gone a lot worse.

  4. Remember, if you want something, take a member of the family into confidence ;)


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