Sunday, September 8, 2013

Prompt No 8 :Your day in photos {take a photo every hour from wake to sleep}

The world through my window pane.

My beloved nephew <3

Wilted flowers,keeping it for the sake of memories in Cameron Highlands :)

Hot hot Vadai :)

Interior space of my car

Say hi to Penang bridge..while on the way to meet RJ

The layout to our dream house..(How i wish )

I scream you scream we scream for Ice Cream..

Food for the thought

On the way back home..

Paddy field and clouds make perfect combo

Back home..He waited for me in green 

Tried watching an old movie but the net was freaking slow...

Reading time

All the cars are back to the lots ,And the world fall asleep while it rain outside


  1. Penang bridge wali photo is so serene. *_*

  2. So, I read all the posts I missed to find about the "prompt" thing. It WAS worth it, but could you please install the archives widget so that the navigation between posts is easier?

    As always loved your post. Stay Blessed ^_^

    1. Hey ,Thank you for reading all the posts..Really appreciate your kind comments..I think I have to figure on how to install the widget during the weekends

      Thanks again..:)

  3. These pics are beautiful :) And that dream house of yours? Wow! I mean that cannot be my dream house even in my dreams :P

    1. hi..nice to see you here..Its a dream house but its kinda expensive you know..


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