Monday, September 2, 2013

Prompt No 4 ...The day you left home

The day I left home...

To be honest I never have a chance to fully move away from home. Just to make my mother happy, I applied for the university located in my hometown. I supposed the universe was all my side when I got to know that it was mandatory to stay in hostel during the orientation week as well throughout the first year of studies. I was over the moon, finally a life on my own.  I still remember clearly what happened on the first day I left home.

My mother actually followed me to the hostel room and do you guys want to know what she told my roommate after done interviewing her?

Dear, please take care of my daughter and please do accompany her whenever she goes bathroom.

However, I wasn’t surprised of the statement because I know I can expect this from my beloved mother.
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my life three years in university even though I was always home during weekends to visit my mother. It was precious good old days where I can roam the streets and gaze the stars with my friends at midnight without anyone checking on me.

Well that is my mother; she has her own idea of how the life of her daughter ought to be. As long as I’m lying lazily on the bed and facing laptop all the day, I will be fine because her eyes are watching me and she will be in peace as long I am inside the house with her. Sometimes dinner may actually arrive on bed for me.  :O That’s too much isn’t it..(I ain’t gonna raise my daughter that way :P) .You see, that’s where our thoughts clashes. I believe that this is the time for me of anyone for that matter to explore the world and learn new things. 

My mother strongly believes that the world is not a safe place for her daughter. So until she change her mind, (Well I’m trying my best to make her understand), I will continue to lie that I work on weekends and go places to quench the thirst of travelling in me.  My life is confined into a tiny circle and I can’t cross the lines without hurting my mother. Dont get me wrong I love my mother so much and I'm trying as much as I could to make her happy ..Sometimes love makes everything so complicated you see..

Yes, I’m 25 years old and I still live under the comfort of my family mother.

P.S: I wish I can write more on this but my eyes are almost shutting down already.

P.P.S: Please excuse any grammatical error because I'm just to tired to proof read now


  1. In a way, not having to leave home until you absolutely have to is a good thing :)

  2. Awww. Over-protective parents are a good thing most of the time.

    1. I wish they can be a bit flexible with rules :/

  3. It is in mother's nature to dread the worst when it comes to their children. Some announce it loudly, some seethe inside.

    Nice read!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Yeah agree.. Maybe one will only when she becomes a mother :)
      Thank you

  4. Papa often says my mother's love and care has spoiled me ~_~


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