Friday, September 13, 2013

Prompt No 10:A letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give?

Dear me,

What advise do I give to you,my16 years old self. Well I think it should be the other way around.The problem in writing this letter is I find it extremely difficult to offer advice to you because I guess I'm way better before than now. I wish I could go back to the past and steal away the younger 'me'.I might not be the best person to offer a lecture on how to live your life because there is no right way to live this life. At least let me give a shot...

Maybe one thing that annoyed me the most about you is the way you are so obsessed with what others are thinking about you,especially when it comes to your physical looks. You want to look more like the 'Others', those girls who believe having perfect waist leads to perfect boyfriends. Believe me,after all these years,I came to realize that things dont work that way.Maybe you might think that I'm trying to poke a hole on your bubbles of fantasy. Someday you'll realize that perfect guys dont exist but there's always one guy that will see you beyond your flaws and love you anyway. You dont have to trim your waist line to woo this guy,you just have to love him more and there's nothing else that he will ask you for.

You know when you are given the rights to advice someone else,you will suddenly realize that you just have a lot of wisdom to give away.So buckle up the seat belt and prepare to read my 'naggings'. Lucky you this is just a letter not a voice recording.Sometimes getting good grades is not everything in life. Its okay to fail and you dont have to cry a bucket for this and its okay to be friends with those who are not as smart as you. Mind you girl,we are all gifted in different ways. Some of your friends might not hit the class topper list but you never know they might be more successful than you in the future. Please let yourself to celebrate each others difference and use this time of your life to do things that makes you happy rather than feeding to the needs of the society. The world have enough of doctors and lawyers already.

Just a soft reminder sweetie,dont be scared of the future.Some days are bright and some days will be dark. At times,you might be feeling lost in the jungle without knowing if there's any path to follow but there's always some bread crumbs that will lead you to the right way. You might have to make hard decisions in life. Some incidents might shake your faith and make you to stop believing in dreams. You see, life is not that miserable as long you have a friend that you can call anytime, as long as you have your mommy dearie to make the best food in the world and as long as you have your loved ones waiting at the door step with ice creams after a hard day at work,everything should be fine. 

Its time to find your own self,go out there and make a difference..

Remember I will love you always for who you are..

Good night,sleep tight..<3


  1. Aww I love this :')
    And what a lovely idea for a post!

  2. This could be the next Buzz Lehman song. Have you heard the sunscreen song. Your letter reminds me of that.

  3. You're a dumbass. Stop being a dumbass 16 year old Damian.

    Love Future Damian.

  4. A letter to self? Now that's what I call innovation ;) And appearances are deceptive, girl :) Yes, all you have to do it love him more and more :) Nothing else is needed!


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