Thursday, August 29, 2013

....That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever

I was and I am always afraid of commitments. The fear of committing myself to something that I might not be able to deliver always holds me back from achieving a lot of things in my life. I’m glad that I came across Priyanka’s  blog post about  this

For the first time in my blog's history I'm going to do something crazy I’m on for the challenge.One of the reason I'm taking up the challenge is that I cant resist the temptation of writing those interesting topics besides of the intention to keep this blog alive. Of course I’m afraid  but as Priyanka said, If we don’t try,we’ll never know..

So,the first  of 50 sweetest things to blog about..

Here you go, the Prompt No 1

..That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever


Some things that happened in the past cant be corrected till today and certainly cant be erased from our memory just like that. As I used to believe,'betrayal' was just a word in the dictionary but not till I learn the real meaning through the hard way. What kind of person were you when you were 13? I was the kind of person that if you love me I will you give you the sun,the moon and my paycheck. When someone that I thought was a friend betrayed me, it had clearly made an impact throughout my life.

The only reason we became friends was because she sat behind me. If you knew me back then,you would know how much of an introvert I was. And I don't have the reason to make much friends in school as half of cousins studied in the same school.

The incident happened one afternoon during Arts class. The teacher was quite a strict one and it happened to be that the whole universe decided to go against me when I forgot to bring my Arts notebook to school. I manage to cover my mistake by pretending to copy the notes with a paper on top of other subject notebook. My desk mate helped me to cover myself from the attention of the teacher as well. Everything was going on well as I started to say thanks to my guardian angels.Just when the class about to end my teacher ask her to come in front just to do a random checking on notes. It appeared to be that she didn't bring her notebook as well and was caught red handed by the teacher. While the teacher was lecturing to her about this,she told the teacher that I forgot to bring the book as well. Isn't that the most cruelest thing to do?

Of course what happened next was history. I was scolded in front of the whole class and was punished to write ' I will always remember to bring my notebook" (cant remember how many times though). Being scolded in front of the class was really something sensitive and humiliating to a 13 years old girl. I used to be very timid and this kind of situation certainly lower down my confidence level.
That was it..I stop speaking to her altogether. Since then, she was on top of the list of those that I don't wanna see in my life.

But You know,sometimes fate loves to play around especially by misreading all our wishes. I happened to bump into her many times in university and she added me in Facebook as well and started to PM me,asking what am I doing. Betrayal is always a betrayal. I don't know why I am like this but whenever I want to be close to someone this scene  always appeared on my mind like a big warning signboard along the highway. I started to become very cautious and started to filter every one who initiate conversation to me.Some of you might think that this whole thing is not a big deal but its kinda hard for you to become friend to someone who betrayed you once.

Or maybe I'm just not the forgiving type.

Maybe she just happened to teach me a lesson for life.

The end...

P.S :I might not be able to post daily but let's see how far this can go



  1. I have had a very different experience with friendship - Almost ALL of my friends have 'betrayed' me at some point or the other. Since I have a good experience with 'betrayals' I can tell you one thing with conviction - If someone betrays you once, just forget about any friendship with them, right then and there - They are suckers and just not worth it. And yes, these people will not realize their fault and become better anytime in the near future.

    1. That's pretty bad isn't it? To not be able to trust someone :(

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Small things change children's life. But we don't even realize that..

    1. Somehow what happened affected me in a lot of ways :(

  3. You know, so many years years have passed, I believe you should be laughing with her about ending friendship on something like that. But that's just my opinion.

    And thank you for the link. I do need some topics to resume blogging :(

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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