Sunday, August 11, 2013

A small dream

Being born as a human I came to realize that not all of us are lucky to have the basic needs of life.

While  she was pulling out the bucket filled with water from the well I heard the little girl with pony tails saying “Even when I was poor I would have a happy life, One has to accept life as being sad and painful, that’s all” .I don’t remember being that wise enough when I was 9 years old. Its true when they said kids that went through a lot become more matured compared to their peers. 

I grew up thinking that taking bus to school could be biggest hardship of life when I see other kids having parents with luxuries car. Watching a few documentaries on life under the comfort of my couch makes me realize the world outside there is not as gracious to others as it is to me.

Sometimes I will be a bit imaginative. I will imagine myself with cameras and books travelling around the globe teaching and helping this unfortunate kid to realize their dream. But at the end of the day I will get back to own self with my own problems and tries to shut off all this from my sight and focus more on getting a good sleep and dread to wake up to work the next day.

Wondering and thinking about changing the life of others is not enough. Some kids are really talented, they can paint, and they can speak so eloquently and fix things like bicycles and other machines. Being born into poverty means one day they have to give away all these things and forced to be the breadwinner for the family.

Masya Allah, I wonder what magic of education could mould them to be .All they need is someone to guide and unleash the true potential that these kids have. They will go far and might be more successful than all of us. It’s such a pity that money robs everything that they could have achieved with their life and it’s such a shame that we can do very little for them.

If I have money I would like to go around the globe, adopt these kids and build a school for them. I would like them to grow up and be fine men and women. I want them to speak good English and earn a good life for others as well.

I guess this is how life is, flawed but still beautiful especially when we realize how lucky we are and every now and then life offers a lesson to bring back home.

Maybe today I will just write…


  1. Lovely post.. It's true that we rarely realise and appreciate the fact that we are so blessed.. It's sad that so many children still do not get their daily bread and parents of whom have to strive are to get a days meal.. Hope one day comes when there is no poverty on earth.. And wish people like us who are blessed with ever thatching good do not fret often and realise how beautiful life really is.. Keep writing..

    1. Yeah I complain about my life and then I feel bad after I realize they have less than me

  2. Surprisingly, the education of our schools can take away the ingenuity that these children inculcate in them. It is like, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Yes I do agree with you.. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts here

  3. The truth is that privileges spoil us


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