Monday, July 22, 2013

A post out of Boredom-Tricks to call in sick to work

I called in sick to work  today and I am really bored right now. Last night I had some breathing difficulties,it seems that I am allergic of a medicine called Norgesic which Doctor gave me for the jaw pain that I was suffering for two months.

The choking/breathing difficulties last for more than two hours. I felt as though I couldn't breathe anymore and I see myself gasping for air and slowly attempting to breathe through my mouth. I still couldn't believe on what happened few hours back but one thing for sure when I started to see the vague figure of my dead grandfather,I certainly knew that Norgesic was playing with  my mind. 

Its Monday and its not cool to call in sick because its the busiest business day but I don't want to drive to work on this condition with drowsiness and so on. Eventually the breathing got better by noon and I'm well enough to update my blog.

For those who are not sick but want a day of two off,here are some tricks you can play along ;)

1. Called in the earliest possible to let your boss know that you are not feeling well to turn up for work. If you called later in the noon,most likely your boss will be suspicious that you woke up late and just making excuses not to come for work.

2.If you would like to plan leave earlier,make sure you act well to let your co-workers know that you are most likely will fall sick the next day.

3.If your boss/manager in your Facebook page,please don't be fool enough by updating status of your getaways or check in to any restaurant. That will make your boss really mad.

4.And yes please please appear sick when your turn in for job the next day,if you wanna cheat,do it the right way.

5. If  can please try to get medical certificates (MC)from a certified doctor.Its not that hard to fake your sickness just wake up in the morning don't brush your teeth and straightaway head to the nearby clinic. Changes are high where the doctor himself will offer you MC without you asking.

While these tricks are certainly effective,please don't overdo it and ended up losing your job. If you have a great boss like mine please try to go work everyday and less MCs means you have more bonus and promotions will come your way.

If you have an awful boss,then go ahead,play the trick well and make sure you  be a little more creative every  time you called in for sick.

P.S::The plan to introduce my mom to RJ couldn't be executed for certain reasons. Will definitely keep you guys updated about the progress.:)


  1. Long time since I've been here and here I see you calling sick :P

    A day off huh? Sweet! :D
    Gladly, I have a boss to whom I can say that I don't feel like coming and so I won't come.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Hey!!! Glad to see you here :D

      Its been a while

      Yeah..everybody deserves a day off :P

      Seriously!! You can say that to your boss..Im not sure how my boss would react to that..

      I envy you..I really do...

      Cheers :)

  2. Hahaha, very creative. I used a broken water pipe at home and roommate's sickness to call in sick :P I dare not play hooky more :D

    1. Yup..have to be creative especially when you have a stressful job like mine


      Good to see you here...

  3. At least you know what you're sick. My lungs have been acting up again lately and I am not liking it. :(

    1. Awww..I really hope u find the cause very soon so that you can cure it

      By the way..I lurveeee your blog :) Fun place to hang out

  4. Hi - hey , take care! I whatsapp my boss that I won't be available cz of some issue. I don't really bother to inform them. 1 text or whatsapp is what I do! and which organisation asks for MC these days. For one day leave, I don't think anyone would ask you for MC.

    1. My company still asks for Mc..but my manager never bother about it :D

  5. I won't have to fake much, sinusitis will do the job for me :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

    And since am reading it a lot later than it was posted :o, hope you are doing well :)


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