Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Incomplete Stories

What’s important for a writer? To finish the story they have started? I wonder what happens to unfinished stories. The stories that couldn't be completed for some reason. While there could be various reasons,the author might have passed away or the author might not even want to complete the story in the first place for the fear of what will happen if the characters decided to bring out a piece of the their own life into the surface. It’s scary in a way though,like aborting a child,killing a life even before it inhales its first breath. 

What will happen if the characters were given a chance to carve their own journey with ink and papers? How the story will be? I guess it will always remain a puzzle,all the drafts layered with dusts remain under the bed forever unless someone comes along ,blew the dusts away and give a new life to the those words. I don’t know but I do feel sorry for them,they deserves a chance,they deserves an ending indeed all of us deserves to be given a chance.

Here's a toast to all  the unfinished stories,for all the characters that’s hiding behind the veil..I heard your silent weeps and your secret yearnings….Oh yes,I heard you..

Tell me bloggers,do u have a unfinished story?


  1. woww... datz simply great...
    yea i do have unfinished stories... secretz secretzz :p no one knows that i do have these kind of stuffs :) so i never had the guts to make it public or to make it complete :)

  2. You are right. I have a lot of unfinished stories, but I think of them as not forgotten or left alone, rather marinating. Sometimes a writer needs to sit on some characters to really develop them and make them shine, and I think that's what I do. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes years but in time these characters will come out and those stories will complete.

  3. Ohh I have so many incomplete stories that I cannot count. When you start writing, it comes from a thought and later the flow does not seem right. At times it works, at times it doesn't.

    The worst thing to do is to start a fiction series and get stuck in between. That's the worst sort of pain trust me.

    But real life incomplete stories better be that, incomplete. Else you would never know if it would be a happy or a sad story.

  4. I have many unfinished stories, I think like thoughts some are better unexplained, same goes with stories. Some are better left unfinished, sometimes ending does not matter..

  5. Every blogger has at least exception to that ;)

    Good to see you :)
    Stay blessed ^_^

  6. Oh unfinished stories, the bane of my existence!

  7. I've started to doubt my creativity :(

  8. T O S O M,

    A good point to ponder over. However I feel that it is writer's prerogative to finish the story he or she has started. Again characters come alive as per writer's imagination. Some writers do leave ending as they wish the readers to do so as per their liking. I too had at times left what I started to write as I felt it may not be of any interest to the readers.

    Take care


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