Sunday, November 4, 2012

How does it feels?

How does it feels to be a caterpillar that could not turn into butterfly?
How does it feels to be a child without mother?
How does it feels to be a bird with broken wings?
How does it feels to be crippled?
How does it feels to be a beggar on the road?
How does it feels to wake up in the morning without hope?
How does it feels to be a snake that has lost its venom?
How does it feels to be a caged lion?
How does it feels to lose everything at some point in life?

Life is so imperfect with so much flaws. But then what is life without imperfections? In imperfections,we see perfections. Perfect love,perfect courage,perfect strength and perfect smiles.There's a certain beauty in imperfections that can't be seen in perfections.

I don't want to be Perfect,I want to be Imperfectly beautiful.


  1. :) I guess that says it all !

    Take Care

  2. Well one of the points of love is the draw on eachothers strengths to help cover, or fight, eachothers weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, but someone out there is "perfect for you."

  3. woww... its great to see u back!!! & a nice post with so much beautiful images... luvd it :) keep writing :)

  4. This is such a beautiful post. Indeed it is :)

  5. T O S O M,

    Perfectly right you are. If one is perfect in everything then where is the motivation to do better?

    Take care

  6. Love the post! :)
    Imperfectly Beautiful <3

  7. "A snake that has lost it's venom", I've never heard that before! Now I feel so sad about all the poor snakes out there that feel so deprived. :(

  8. Perfection is hugely over-rated ;) Imperfection is rare darling!


    P.S: Those "What a Fail" and "Lame" check boxes shouldn't be there; name them, "What a miracle" and "oolala" instead. Just suggesting!

  9. How does it feels to feel?
    nice one..


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