Saturday, August 18, 2012

I can't even think of a title!!!I'm that lost here

I think the ability to write and express yourself in words is a gift that only some have. I had the privilege once but now I cant write anymore.Its been a while and even writing a lengthy email to a dear friend take ages to be composed. I don't know,should I blame it on the hectic life that I'm having right now or should I blame it on the crashed computer that I just managed to fix it now after errr...months.

Well well,I'm back and I don't know how many people still remembers me here. Nevertheless you people always have a special couch on my heart.

Although its just been slightly more than one month I've posted anything over here but it feels like years..Hmmm..I guess I'm just over exaggerating my thoughts..Okay people its good to be home and I hope I were missed while I'm gone.

And yeah to all of my love readers...A Happy Eidul-Fitr..Have  a good one with your loved ones...

I hope I could post something more interesting that crapping about my disappearance on the next post..

Till then over and out...


  1. Missed you and yes waiting for something special. If you feel you can't write take a break and come back :)


  2. still remember u. luckily. if u are away a bit longer, i might not recognize u anymore. hehe

    salam eid fitri :)
    stay blessed :)

  3. even I took an unintentional break. well ur writing skill is still thr. u just lack the mood to write! It will b back...u will b back :)

  4. Well it is nice to see you back :) I still have that gift to write like that, and I hope I don't lose it.

  5. My state exactly. I do not know who to blame? My routine or just that I am too lazy to write, the way I used to.

    Eid Greetings to you! :)

  6. Get a Pen you love and white smooth paper to write on, no ? :D
    Computer is a machine, and machines are not to be relied on.


  7. itz great to see you back my dear :) yes you were really missed... and never think that your ability to write are going far from you itz still there in ur heart... find it write more...!!! u r still the same... keep smiling always... nd yaa waiting for ur next post :)

  8. T O S O M,

    EID MUBARAK to you also.

    Do keep writing whatever comes to your mind. It does help you to overcome stress.

    Take care

  9. Whatever caused your absence shouldn't matter as long as you're still remembered.

  10. Girl, don't push yourself too hard. Writing is an emotion and you can't fake it.
    Take some time off and pen down when you truly feel like :)

    Don't forget that you're one awesome soul!

    Cheers, Risha :D

  11. Welcome back!!!
    and happy eid!!!

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  12. First things first - Eid Mubarak :)
    I should be asking you the question - "Do you remember me?" :P
    Well, I'm officially back to the virtual world. :)
    Welcome me, wont you?

    And oh, don't worry all the crappiness will soon turn into happiness :) Blessed be you :)

  13. Hey commenting on a blog almost after an year. Missed this space a lot. And now after reading this post realized even you too don't write too often.
    Wanna catch you on twitter some day if you get time. Drop me a DM there.
    Missing you.
    Take care !!

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