Saturday, July 7, 2012

I will be ME always...

'You are not doing good today but you will be better someday and when the day comes you don't forget how you were today" he said.

"No,I will never forget the way I am today,how can I ever forget this?" I asked him.

"Believe me I have seen day you will forget all this and when a new hire came and ask you questions you'll feel irritated of them"

I couldn't agree more with him on this.Its the truth .One day I will forget all these pain,one day I will be better at this job but I hope I wouldn't change and always remember where I came from.I don't want to be like some of the jackasses in my office.They forget about their past and proudly boasting on how far they have come in their life I think this is the problem with us,we forget where we were yesterday because we are so concern about building our tomorrows. 

Nevertheless,I do realize that dwelling in the past could be really harmful to the present but some moments of pain should be remembered always because we never know how much another person needs our share our pain so that they will have hope in their life.

Some people just need to hear some assuring words "I have been there and you'll get through this too"

I hope I will always be me,the girl who never forget even the simplest kindness that humans offered to her.

I hope even when things change,I will never lose this special part of me.

On another note,thank you very much to all of you for the lovely words that you guys commented.Believe me people,even though I have never met any of you,but I will never forget all those encouraging words that you guys had given me.

Thank you for being here...

..and he told me "One day when I got better,I should help others to realize their dreams too"

..And deep down in his heart,he knows I'm someone who keep my words..


  1. kindness should never be forgotten or kept. passs it on always

  2. You shouldn't forget where you came from. Plus you're right, going through things, and getting through them, can help you reassure others. There are some times though when you don't accept you can get through something, even if someone else has.

  3. yea... we are just the same yesterday , today and tomorrow... we shouldn't forget the past, the helping hands and all... U r unique yaar remember this always... :)

  4. There's nothing better worth treasuring then keeping your true self alive :) Excellent post and a motivation for me. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. TOSMMMMMMM! I've missed you SO bad. Suvaiba and I talk about you on and off, hoping everything is perfect with you because you sounded so pissed and everything. You don't have to change for anybody, if people have to accept you, they'll do so despite a change in your temperament. I love the opening lines btw .. so meaningful.

  6. Past is the best teacher they say :)

    you must have come across this incident, if not do read it

    Once Bill Gates was eating in a restaurant. At the end of the meal he tipped the waited 5 dollars. Confused, the waiter just stood there. Bill Gates asked, "What is it?". The waiter replied, "yesterday your son ate at this very table and he tipped 500 dollars. But you, being his father, richest man on planet are tipping just 5 dollars?". To this, Mr Gates smiled and replied, "He is the son of a billionaire, whereas, I am the son of a wood cutter"

    never forget where you came from

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  7. T O S O M,

    It is so good of you to have such feelings. One should not fret on past but at the same time remember mistakes made is past so as not to repeat those as well as guide those who may make the same ones. No matter how high in position one rises, one must remain humble. I am so glad that you are settling down well now.

    Take care

  8. That is a relief, now, is it not :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. your blog is beautiful :)


  10. There are always dark patches right ? :)
    But then, without the dark we'd never see the stars.


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