Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Reflection

   I saw the reflection of hers
On the mirror of a jawli shop
Slanting sunlight hurt my eyes
Doesn’t stop me from peeking her sides
Braided long snake hair
Telling me heart rending tall tales
Glass bangles dancing away
Spreading around musical chords
Red pottu attracting stares
Jasmine flowers luring bees
Leaving young lads drooling behind
Struggling to put her off their minds
Beneath her golden silk saree
Silver anklets playing hide and seek
Accompanying her every steps
Packing along honour and tradition
Of yesterdays and tomorrows
I haven’t told you something
That’s she’s black
And she’s a beauty!

-Jan 2 2012-


To be honest, I feel strange here.I don’t know how to make a come back ..A lot of things on my mind, but cant really scribble from heart right now. In fact I feel like an alien in my own country, spent exactly 30 days in India and all I could say was it’s a beautiful place to travel and trust me I never thought   winter could be that cold. I find myself constantly lost and found in a stranger’s land but still felt somehow there’s not much difference between me and them ..Eat,pray and lots of friendship… I guess I’ve grown up a lot of years in just a month. 
On another note,I know that I have emails to be replied,blogs to be visited and so on….will do that soon……

So for now,tell me how’s this post?


  1. Its okay. I feel awkward and I don't feel like writing after getting back too =/ Guess its a phase and it'll get over soon.
    Anyway, i love the pretty picture you painted of her. Its mesmerizing!

    1. Not only writing..I feel odd even in blogger :/ i hope it passes soon :)
      Thank you very much..I think those beauties deserved that :)

  2. hi.. here from suvaiba's blog... i have a draft post titled "the other side of me" and when i saw your comment i thought i should visit your blog...

    i think writers like any other artists are natural. there are times when you can write dozens of pieces in single day but there are times when you cannot write a single piece for month...hope you get into the groove sooner and keep writing :)

  3. and i forgot to tell the pic is so natural... the artificiality of the time is taking over these and we are fast loosing these cultures ...who knows in the next 100 years this picture might be on display in a museum of cultural heritage and people would wonder if these people really once existed on this Earth....

    1. Hey thanks a lot for dropping by..and thanks to suvaiba too in that case :)I hope you post that draft soon and lemme noe:)
      Yeah ..its been a month since I do serious writing,so its kinda hard here :(..i hope I'll get back on track soon :)

      and yes the culture is slowly fading away..but I hope indian girls stay the same always because India is all about that

      thanks for the comment..keep coming :D

  4. I can smell the sweetness, see the truth and the beautiful reflection.

    and Hey, Strangers?!!! Friends!Friends! Friends! <3

    Nice to know you feel like u have grown up ;) such experience have a great impact on our life :D

    1. Thats so sweet..:) you have a very special way of commenting..I guess I have told you that before ;)
      and strangers :P ..okay okay land of friends I would say now..because i got of friends there now :)

      Thank you..some place change our life :)

  5. beautiful and very creative :)
    long time no heard !

    welcome back, i guess. hew hew :)

    1. Thanks you so much inspector sir
      yeah long time huh!!

      thank you for welcoming me back..:)

  6. that was beautiful! welcome back btw! and don't worry about "the comeback" just write and we'll read :)

    1. hey thanks dear..good to be back..and im glad that i have readers like you

  7. The writing was lovely :)
    Don't worry. Once your emotions and words overflow in your mind, you'll automatically be able to pen them down. Take it slow :)

    1. Thanks a lot..and yeah you are right,waiting for the overflow in my mind..I hope words start to flood me soon :)

      Thanks again Philo

  8. This is beautiful writing and a wonderful come back. I am glad to read you had a lovely time in India and I understand when you say you grew up a lot in one month, as It is the same with me after 10 days in Egypt.
    I have a hard time finding my place again in my Irish home. It takes time and patience to come back. Stay well in the meantime.

    1. Hey Marie..thanks for dropping by
      and yes it was fantastic,and 30 days seemed so long and i missed this place so much,now i had come back but feel like not writing anything anymore :S
      Hope it change soon :)
      yeah..I feel odd at my own house :|
      you too,stay well and blessed :)

  9. Welcome back! You've been missed :) This is a beautiful writing. I can relate to what you're feeling ~ it just takes some time to get back to 'ourselves' again in a new environment which is actually an old one :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot..awww..I do missed this place too...yeah..kinda adapting myself to my original setting..:)
      Take care Fiona :)


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