Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painting a dream

Let me paint you a dream,
Of a street boy receiving a scroll
Of a world with brothers and sisters
Of a border that I could pass with smiles
Of Jews and Muslims holding hands
Of humans that fear God
Of hugs that always returns
Of justice belongs to the poor
Of little bridesmaid and flowers
Of a dad holding his princess
Of a child that learns to fly
Of a boy becoming a man
Of a lady embracing her newborn
Of colours that blend in one
Of friendship beyond races
Of eyes that speaks love
Of hearts that dances in rain
Of a world without hunger
Colours & paint brushes all set
All I need is some sleep
For some dreams
Can only be seen
With closed eyes
In the dark

Tell me,do you dream?


  1. I love you dream sis, I too do the same, each one of your word talks to my heart.
    May we hold on to it so one day it will come true.
    Stay well always. xo

    1. hey sis :D:D Thanks dear,the same way it does to me :)Maybe if more people hold on to it,then it's just a matter of seconds for it to come true

      stay blessed marie :D

  2. I believe that the dream you see is pretty much possible in real too, it will take only a little effort on everyone's part, and a little bit of similar dreaming too.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Yes you're BA,I need few hands for that..hopefully these dreams can be seen with awakened eyes,hope the painting comes alive soon :)

      thank you

  3. I do!!!! but my dreams are a bit crazy i guess :p BTW just loved ur poem mtlb yar u have done a remarkable job!!!!!

    1. crazy dreams are good honey ;)Thanks a lot,good to see you here,and u too have done a remarkable job there :)

  4. What a beautiful DREAM and it contains so many of the things I wish for in life ... excellent writing and I loved the image :)

    1. Thanks Fiona,its a common dream but still it cant be seen in real
      take care

  5. beautifully written :)
    loved each and every line :)

  6. pERFECT dream! very well done !
    every one will agree and would always want the dreams come true for a better world.

    aww :P

    1. Aww..thanks I hope the world can be seen as one :)

  7. Awww, I love this, I was smiling all the way through :)

  8. If I take a liberty of changing one thing in your heart felt dream...

    When you say - Of humans that fear God. I believe we should be doing things in such a way that we shouldn't have to worry about fearing God. I think, you used the word fear to signify our humbleness, and I am interpreting it as something else. :)

    I hope, this dream, which is only true with closed eyes become real :)

    1. Kunal,you are most welcomed to do that :) and about that God part,my interpretation will be for human to act according to their conscience and be reminded that God is always watching our deeds..Thanks for your opinion anyway

      Hopefully one day,with opens for sure
      Take care :)

  9. Lovely poem. We can pray to God that all these dreams come true!!

  10. Lovely poem. We can pray to God that all these dreams come true!!

  11. It's beautiful <3

    I remembered a quote by Frida Kahlo: "I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality."

    and This painting of a dream by you signifies reality.

    God, almighty with many names but only one; lets not fear of him. The relation for me is as a friend. I fight, I rant in front of him, I am angry often too ;)

    Don't join your hands with the fear that if we don't he would punish us.He will always take care of us.

    Does it mean that I am not scared? No, I am. But I won't explain them here ;) Just believe: As you sow, so shall you reap.

    Tell me did I sound agnostic? :P

    1. Oh! and the pic you added with tree upside down, liked it :)

    2. Awww..thanks baby :)
      That was a beautiful quote :)
      and yes its a reality that needs to be alive
      I have the same thought when it comes to God..but this fear means to live according to our conscience :)

      No you are not :P
      and yeah lovely picture hain nah ? :D

      Much love :)

  12. wow so beautiful

    May all your dream come true.


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