Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Write me your story

Maybe if you write a book about you, it would be easier for me to read you.Word by word.Page by page.I don't understand signals,I can only understand words,written words will be just fine for now. Words can do wonders and so do you.I don't fancy hard-to-understand words,just scribble from your heart.Make it easy,do it the way i like it.For once,let me read you.
Go now!.Write me a dream.Tell me your story.Surprise me.
I'll be waiting for the book.I hope your story speaks about us.
Be my writer and I would be your reader,only reader.
I gave my word. Always.

Happy ending or tragic? You decide.


  1. Happy. Though anti climaxes leave a huger impression on the reader-so I think.
    And whose this someone special, haaai? :D *bats eyelashes*
    I loved the text. I felt so connected to it.
    I'd want him to write a story to. Of the joy of being together, or the moments when we lose each other and yet find each other. Romantic, much ? Blogville and its people do that to me. :D
    Plus, I loved the line **I would be your reader,only reader.
    What'd you do if its a best seller? :D

  2. Aaaah love it. "Words can do wonders and so do you.I don't fancy hard-to-understand words,just scribble from your heart"

    Thats the problem naaa. not many people write from heart. I think a writer or musician should write from heart then only it will have feelings.

    "Go write a dream.I'll be waiting for the book.I hope your story speaks about us" - This is my fav. A story that speaks about us. Lovely

    Actually i know someone who writes stories just for his wife and kid stories for his daughter. Its very romantic when its for his wife but in his daughter stories he makes everyone a character. Im suppose to be son of DAKU BHAVANI Singh of hindi movies. :-(

    here is a super duper long story for you ;-)

  3. Words are definitely easier to read than the mixed signals that some people give. Loved the post :)

  4. Written very creatively... and such a unique take to it. Loved it! :)

  5. yeyie,
    mirror me aka janeman, my mail is pending.! :(
    anywayz this is was pure magic in one para :)
    the reader line is sooooo good
    it has the emotions of telling someone,

    when one tells the other especially a writer/blogger that they will be an ardent reader. well it means the world at least for me..! :)

    IL MAKE A PRACTICAL ENDING you know we humans are so talented we have the capability to mould situations if we want, its just that sometimes we don't want to..!
    all can be sad, but you need to solve the sad and bring the happiness..!

    ad my smile- :)

  6. Sigh. Sometimes I too want to write a book for just one reader. And read something that is written only for me.

  7. Sigh...Its like my guy is saying those lines to me....If he is just a chapter of the book or the entire book itself
    I made no sense
    Great post

  8. @Crystal
    I would prefer happy ending though but it all depends on the writer's preference ;)That someone is someone special :D Glad that you can connect baby,Awww.blogville and its people do that to me too :D..Thanks baby..you noe that kind of book is not for SELL :D Hehheh

    Ah..thanks a lot you impress me with a super long comment ..:D.For me one should always write from heart..I do that all the time ;)Awww..that is seriously romantic :D and someone is DAKU Bhavani singh in Hindi movies ..that makes LOL..quite apt nah? :P

    Ah..I love the way you write stories..with so much suspense and drama..and mystery ..whoa..you're an amazing story teller,I would say..I will be stalking your blog quite often..and keep writing..but can I expect a closure for the next story :D
    but I love your tagline..[Story remains incomplete for a reason….] :D

  9. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue
    Yes baby ..thanks a lot..words are easier :D

    thank you ..I loved your comment ;)

  10. @suvaiba
    The email had been written and I suppose it had reached your place ;D
    yes yes
    "BE MY COMPANION AND I WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS"that someone meant the world to me ;D
    Awww..I wish I can solve it but..
    anyways thanks for the hug..and hide and seek cookies..awwwww..chooooooo cute..lovely

    YOu never know..someone might just started to write the prologue part for you :)you dont know yet ;)

    Oh baby,why dont you write for him.let him read you..you made all sense..thank you..<3

  11. @theotherside, thanks. Yep in hindi movies back in 1987s the movies used to be about train robber and chambal forest. The main villain used to DAKU BHAVANI SINGH. ha ha. Do you watch hindi movies?

    the story i wrote today has a closure :-)

  12. hahaha..train robbery and chambal forest..LOL..yes yes mR DaKU BHAVANI SINGH..i do watch Hindi movies all the time..oh really i checking out now !!! :D

  13. interesting, but i guess most ppl wouldnt want to read some one's life story...

  14. sneha,
    But maybe you would love to read YOU in someone's life story ;)

  15. Wow!! What a lovely read.

    Ps- I love the layout. So spiffing :)

  16. One life many moments

    thanks dear

    P.S:thanks to blogger for the lovely,spiffing layout ;)

  17. i sense hidden message but i didnt get it. eheh

    but do be my reader *desperate*


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