Saturday, November 19, 2011

A trouble

They asked me to describe you,I mumbled and stumbled upon finding the right word.

Maybe ....he's a magician
Maybe.... he's a heart-stealer
Or maybe he's a.....I don't know. 

[When it comes to you,my words kept on failing me.]

''Oh baby,you're in such trouble'' they said
Yes,I know.
I am in love with that 'trouble'.I am.

Maybe that could be the word.A trouble.


  1. :)
    life, we can never get enough of it..
    Really made me smile, and btw, it was Auburn playing behind... everything here speaks a mood, very clearly.. :)


  2. Its good to be in trouble, on occasions.

  3. ohh you're in love with trouble :P ohh girl, that's trouble ;P

  4. helloooooo baby,
    oh oh oh... you know what i felt like... you have scenes in the hollywood flicks when the actress is sitting on the window sill and looking at the rising/setting sun and she is in a very pensive mood..
    oh so you are my actress baby and this trouble i really hope that this trouble makes your life beautiful --- in love :)) maybe
    made me smile..! :)

    yeah so here is today's HUG ---
    magic ki jhappi...! :)

  5. oooh, trouble! that sounds sexy. ;)

  6. trouble and love...almost d same thing, huh?
    but its still worth d rush, i guess!!

  7. Wow this is too good. I guess aaj kal humay bhi trouble main rehnay ki aadat hogayi hai. Ha ha. jitna door bhagna chahta hoon utna hi musibat ko kareeb paata hoon.

  8. @aakash smile..I like that..and about 'everything here speaks a mood'..i dont get that phrase :P

    Its troublesome dear..:P

    yes BIG Deep trouble..arghhhhhhhh :/

    Thank you :)

    @suvy duby
    Oh make me smile again a lot
    okay pensive mode = check
    window sill = check
    Holly flick = check
    but actress..not main role perhaps,maybe supporting role i guess :/
    this trouble makes my life interesting I would say :)..awww magic ki jhappi :D

    I like your comment,really..;) 'sexy'

    yes TRouble=Love= beauty

    Oh really..that someone is in trouble :P

    I will get back to you..after I get someone to translate your words becoz i dont understan Hindi yaar :S..anyway THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS :)

  9. and khadammosi..trouble always leads to musibat :/

  10. Heehee :D yea a big trouble :) Its only when you can't describe the other, know thats it true love :)

  11. Is there love without trouble really....when it comes to love, you can call me Little miss trouble. Trouble is good and love worth it.

  12. "Trouble
    Oh trouble set me free
    I have seen your face
    And it's too much too much for me

    Oh trouble can't you see
    You're eating my heart away
    And there's nothing much left of me"

    I love this song ;)

  13. @Marie
    Little Miss trouble..owhh..sounds cute :D
    Some trouble is good and love always worth a try :D

    @beyond Horizon
    Gosh..thanks for the lyrics..and Im not saying more :p

  14. I had actually saved this in my 'To be read when need a smile' list.. Makes me smile everytime I read this!! :)


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