Monday, November 21, 2011

Im sucha coward :/

There was once,I was really curious by the way my elder brother watch ghost movies and I used to ponder over his fascination on horror movies.Despite the early warnings from my brother,I decided to sit beside him and watched the movie just to catch a glimpse on what-so-ever about this horror movies.There, I was totally freaked out by just watching the first scene of the movie and i find myself sleepless for days till my Dad needs to get me to a religious man and chant me some prayers and yeah..that's how it all get started,my phobia over ghost movies. 

I still remember those days that I cant sleep alone in my room and have to sneak quietly into my parents room because I truly believes on the fact that my Daddy is more powerful than the ghosts. There was also this buzz that a girl fainted upon seeing a headless man at our school garden and there were also lots of rumors about the school toilet being haunted. Imagine me in that situations,GOSH!! All hell breaks loose..

Due to some peer pressure and awesome mysteries that revolves around horror movies,I had this urge to get back to horror movies. I just love the suspense involved in those movies. So I tried a whole new approach in watching it during daylight with the curtains open,but still it doesn't help..I do get scared at the end of the day.Yeah I know those ghosts are not even real..just bunch of ladies with weird make ups and scary settings..but still me and horror movies are a way too far..I still see myself waking up in the middle of the night and imagine some scary stuff creeping over the walls of my room and I have to run to open the door of my room so that i can breathe again..

So what's your take on horror/ghost movies?

and have anyone of you seen a real ghost before? :O

Tell me tell me!!

P.S : Bear with me guys,I'm jobless currently..So I will be filling up my blog quite often.


  1. Hahahaha. No.
    I kind of wish I had though, it would give me a story line for something atleast :D

  2. LOL..story line heheh..Okay then I hope you'll see one soon :P :D

  3. hehhehe...GOSH!!! the pic you selected :P

    ghost movies, i do watch it, and about fear, shhh! I cant say it here ;)

    and ENJOY YOUR THIS FREE TIME sweetheart :D

  4. I think im addicted to the thrill and rush of horror movies. Back in my day there used to some quality horror shows in India like Zee Horror Show, Aaahat, Mano Ya Na Mano. And once in a while i wud reward myself by bunking afternoons and watching "Haveli" or "Daak Bunglow". Lol at that time i didnt knew these horror movies were also B grade movies. got a good beating from dad one day and all i could say in my defense was "But dad... i thought its a scary movie!". Aaah the days of innocence or may be not ;-).

    As for getting scared. Im a man of spirituality and mystisism. I have seen things and magic. But i dont get scared anymore because i have come to believe that if there is really anything in this earth which can harm us or hurt us or can really influence our lives then all i ask them is "take my soul but get me back my love". Ha ha no answers and im still searching for them.

    Here is a true story. Believe it or not i have seen the magic and curse. Its a bit long but i had to include all details. I have personally experienced the horror for a night.

  5. yup horror movies r defenitely up my alley. i luv d thrill and suspense too much

  6. @Beyond Horizon
    yes every time I refresh my blog,that picture kept on scaring first it appeared friendly that's why i picked that :S
    okay shhhhhhhh..ermmm seems like Miss Doctor is afraid of ghost :P

  7. :O Never gal...Check ur Inbox, cause I will soon be in it :P

  8. @khadammosi impress me with a super long comment :) thank you for sharing your thoughts..and that B grade movies..nah i dont think you could be that innocent..oh come on :P
    Gosh I like this phrase"take my soul but get me back my love''

    will check it out soon :D

    I have to agree on that part..I do love the suspense..but imma sucha coward :S

  9. Poonam,you are coming to my Inbox..faster im waiting :D

  10. I just love horror movies!!
    And I have always wished to see and meet a real ghost =D

    Haha, I have been so super busy and I missed reading your wonderful blog. I'll try to read every single word I missed out, someday :)

    Take care!

  11. Getting scared of ghosts in the TV.. you must be kidding :-) No.. actually right. I am a bit scared too lol

  12. @Hamza
    Then I really wish you could shake hands with a real ghost soon =D But they cant be touched right? ok whatever Im not messing up with them :/

    Yeah..make sure you READ every single word okay!!

    You too take care boy :D

    Hi 5 on that part TV ghosts are really scary man :/

  13. @theothersideofme, thanks for the comments on my blog. Some stories are better when they are left incomplete. he he. That Bgrade movie thingy is true. Im very innocent yaar :p.

  14. LOL i love watching horror movies but i always get scared too! i just can't help it, i'm really skittish.

  15. actually I get more scared of the "realistic" horror movies, you know where there are killers and shit. LOL but I don't like horror movies, I don't like getting scared.end off :p

  16. aawwwwww no you ant a coward baby... you are ultra cute..
    no you ant jobless give the reply to my mail - its loong so you need time to write in. :)
    and no i ant scared at all :) at any movie
    i love ghost/scary movies more than romantic ones i actually hate the latter.
    final destinations part 1-4
    the mid-nyt meat train
    and more :P do not watch these coz you will faint they are very very scary
    todays hug has been sent via mail

  17. Hhehehe..I am just like u..I cant seep alone with lights off. But I watch each and every good horror films that I come across. and YES i have seena ghost and its really creepy. Long back incident, I might blog of one day..but its creepy!!!
    and Daddy stronger than the ghosts..hehe soo cute!

  18. @khadammosi
    You're most welcomed..and after reading your cooked up/imaginary stories,its just harder for me to believe the innocent part of ya :P
    okay jokes apart,you are really GOOD with stories..keep it coming..surely I will read even though long posts kills me:D take care :D

    Me too yaar..just cant help it :/ and skittish is CUTE :D

    owh I love realistic horror movies..but not the one with some ladies creeping over the way..yeah end off :D

    awww..ultra cute..that's chooo sweet of ya :Dyeah yeah reply coming soon :D Final destinations are my fav..but not the others..please..yeah I might fainted watching those movies..I LOVE YOUR HUGS Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    whoa..same like me..YAY..but nowadays I'm cool with light offs..but if I have nightmares then I have to let the door open :S YOU HAVE SEEN A GHOST..please BLOG it..will be super hit :D Daddy thingy is cute yeah..thanks baby

  19. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee watching horror movies but they scare the hell out of me. I am reallyyyy skittish but then I cant stop really myself from watching a horror movie and after watching one I cant sleep for days :P

    Hmm I haven't seen one and I really hope not to but have definitely felt one.
    A lot of people might find it amusing afterwards but at that time its hell scary

  20. Aliza
    Hahah..yeah they scare the hell out of us..skittish is cute and fun..stay that way :P

    yeah me too..i never wish to see one at all..thanks dear <3

  21. lol, got me back a lot of memories, i am like shit sacred watching horror movies, and have sleepless nyts, with images flooding in my mind, but still watch em :P .. hehehhe, and end up curling around mum ...
    awwwww my daddy is more powerful than Ghost :P .. damn cute ....
    i had some incidents in the past, the one that still gives me goosebumps is the episode with my family friends son .. scary!!!

  22. seems like lots of people here are LIKE me and I LIKED that :D
    aww..I could relate at that ''end up curling around mum'' part :P
    very cute hain nah? :P
    oh you shld blog about it then:D that kind of stuff will be hit for sure

    thanks baby for dropping by :D

  23. Horror movies...yes..I do watch... :D
    And I have seen a least I believe I have...It may be termed as my hallucination.... but...I remember it very vividly...but normally ..I am not afraid of those...even if they are real...I will be fun to meet them...


  24. Though..I admit..when I was small..I couldn't watch zee horror shows which used to come on TV...but used to peek into the TV from the corner of my blanket here and there.... :P

  25. Kunal, have seen a ghost..that's wonderful :P..and come one are you sure you are NOT AFRAID of them even though they are real? :P
    stuff like that are always fun ..and hahha..i dont even peek into see,im sucha coward :-(


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