Friday, November 18, 2011

I want that smile again!

                                                            Say cheese and smile!!!!

No matter how much I tried,I always have something to complaint about,maybe its due to human nature to brood about their almost-not-so-perfect life. So here I am as usual having some conversation with some friends on how life after graduation seems like a living hell. The conversation ranges from  our childhood moment where we were reminded to study hard so that one day all our effort will be paid off. [yeah fuck those idiots who told us all that crap]..and we also complained about the way we ended up in something that is not related to our course,and yeah in the middle of convesation we did talk about guys,engagement and marriage and also about finding the non-existence Mr perfect too.

While we were happily complaining about our not-so-contended life,suddenly my eyes shifted to a lilttle boy,I guess he could be 8 something and he was on a wheel-chair accompanied by his mother.His left leg was amputated and his left arm is bandaged, I dont have to make any guesses.its so obvious that he went through a major accident in life and it cost him his left leg and i have no idea what gonna happen to his bandaged arm. What amazed was the smile on his face,not just a usual smile...the kind of smile that reaches the eyes,the kind of smile that gives instant spark not only to the owner of the smile but to everyone that receives the smile as well..GOSH..that smile moved me really..he was the happiest boy in the world while other kids wailing for toys, this boy seemed so happy on his wheelchair.

Then I told my friend,Look at him..he has nothing to be worried about,look at the way he's living at the moment..My friend who is a nurse answered ' he doesnt know yet what it actually means by not having a leg..He doesnt know life will be changing his smile soon..he doesn't know yet that growing up without a leg will be painful and life is not a bed of roses..and I paused for a moment yes she was right..damn right,,he doesnt know yet!!! and she's a nurse..she knows how painful the battle between life and death could be..

Yeah we never know what could happen in the next moment but there's something to pay attention here,what happened to our inner child as we grow up? what happened to all the 'ignorance' and 'smile' that we used to have while playing hide and seek in the park? what happened to the innocent us that's breaks the biscuit into two so that the liitle boy next to us could have his lunch as well.

What happened to those moment that we used to smile from heart and reaches our eyes? Yes life could be harsh at times,it could give us a twist and misplaced everything in just a second..but there's always hope,there's always a better tomorrow..Maybe.

I don't know what will happen to that radiant looking little boy,I hope LIFE will treat him well..I hope he won't give up that smile ever,because his smile brings smiles to me..
and I love anyone that can make me smile :)

So don't forget to smile with all your heart,its the best make up for your face and yes smiles and hugs,they always return :)

Everything is just fine till the time you can feel your heartbeat. and you say 1,2,3 and SMILE ... 
[Courtesy : Suvaiba]

And Im giving out Crystal's updated version of Hugs *rib-breaking, bone-crushing super tight bear hug* to all my lovely readers..

P.S: These two friends are making me smile with their sweetness 
P.P.S :Nowadays, I'm seeing a lot of guys holding hands together..owh GOSH..this GAY phenomena is freaking me out .. =O
P.P.P.S : My mother has no idea about the three books that i bought today..SHHHHhhh..she'll be mad at me if she finds out soon :| so keep the secret ya!! <3


  1. Aww this story is SO heart wrenching that I don't know how to react.
    I guess as we grow older we forget to ooze out the happiness from the small pleasures, the tiny smiles. These flimsy lives of ours take a toll over us sometimes ..
    You mentioned Suby and me. We shall give you the hugest smiles and hugs now. I promise. :* (Geeli poochie/kissie)
    And a friend of ours,Tulika, thinks that gaydom has increased since they've got the required incentive through the legalization thingie. :D But anyway, I respect em cos they ain't closet gays anymore.

    And ohhhhhhh, which three books? Oh yes, the secret is safe with us. Pinky swear.

  2. hello darLing,
    because i am in a very ECONOMICS PROJECT mode/phase. so i will be really practical
    1)-the picture reminds me of my toothless GREAT GRANDMOM's smile .. i miss her.
    2)-if you get time then read a story called CHAPPAL/slippers by one of the reknonwed hindi writers *forgot his name* and the story is heart wrenching. about a similar situation .
    3)-you made me go in a pensive mode. which is a rare thing after all the betrayal things happened to me .
    4)- i shall give you DRY puchci :P :) and DADDY BEAR HUG and il give a CHOCOLATE too.. but share karna ok :P ?
    5)-thankyou so veryyyyy muchhhh for mentioning me - ON CLOUD NINE.10.11 :))
    6)- indeed Everything is just fine till the time you can feel your heartbeat. and you say 1,2,3 and SMILE ...
    8)- i desperately hope my future BF/HUSBAND/fIANCE is not gay or becomes one.

  3. and i just forgot to give s smile -
    :)) :)) :))

  4. realistically speaking, d lil boy will turn into one like the rest of us
    hopefully, he'll remain d same innocent kid always:)

  5. We learn hardships of our life, for some at early age for others later...and with that comes the strength too.

    You keep smiling...Smile that sparkles your eyes :D

    P.S. Can you hide those book from her? Its very difficult here ;)

  6. @Crystal
    yes darling,as we grow on we just forget every little moment of bliss and God knows what we are searching in life :| yes suby and you just soooo adorable besties <3..okay gaydom..i hope they dont increase in numbers :S
    the wedding by nicholas sparks
    have a little faith by mitch albom
    the other side of the midnight by sheldon <3
    and yes pinky swear..i still havent told her :P

    Economics sounds boring :P but i like the practical you..kinda cute :D
    1.such a cute picture..and aww..grandma
    2.will try to read that 'Chapal'
    3.aww pensive mode..i hope the betrayals dont last long
    4.DAddy bear hug and isnt that a perfect combo :D..I will share with one else okay..but I think we can include crystal too :D
    5..its your words..should mentioned you..and cloud 11..can I join u there :D
    6yes i love love that phrase
    7yes I LOVE YOU cho much ..really
    8he will be a straight me and a kind one too :D
    9.yeah me smiling too
    Take care

    yes i really hope he wont give up that smile ever
    thanks sneha for the comment :)

  7. @beyond horizon

    I will never give up my smiles for anyone's sake ;)
    and the book safely hidden in my closet :P
    Nah..she wouldn't find it good at keeping secrets


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