Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Break ups,memories and crazy me..

Today was a weird day though.I couldn't wake up even when the mynahs had been chirping on my window pane,even when the sunlight penetrates through my dark brown curtains.I just couldn't allow them to interrupt my sleep.I'm having almost an affair with my bed and yeah the way I set up my alarm as 'pm' rather than 'am' proves that the entire nature conspires to let me sleep just a little longer. Anyways,I managed to signed a temporary break up deal with my bed with assurance that I will return again when the night falls.;)I had a long shower and it seemed like time moves faster than me,it was 1pm when I came out of the bathroom.

 Mom's not at home so there were no one to give me lectures on how a typical young girl should behave. but still somehow my mothers words lingered around me when I checked what's for breakfast  lunch. I had my lunch while dissolving myself with some comforting tunes and yes after a long time,this jobless thing makes me feel so alive.I see myself enjoying every bit of my life.It had been drizzling outside and I felt things can't just get better than this. At about 2.30pm,I got a call from my cousin inviting me for a shopping.I have never been the shopping type girl but I said yes because it had been days since I breathe some fresh air.I changed into a bright shirt and hopped into the car.

My cousin needs to settle some banking stuff on the way,so we dropped by the bank. I was reading a novel  attentively while my cousin settles her stuff.Suddenly, my cousin brother appeared and I was like damn shocked and happy to see him,It had been quite a while and yes he's one of the closest cousin that I have.So the first question that I ever asked him was ''Hey how's your girl doing?Oh we just broke up a month ago..and I was like ''thank God,she finally leaves you for good'':P You see,I can be a 'dumb' at times and we always joke that way but I paused when I realize that he was like really sad. Ego speaks when he replied 'well,it doesn't matter.I'm okay with it.

I stopped joking right away when I saw that expression on his face,the sadness in his eyes,I mean he used to be the most jovial person on Earth. So we talked for awhile he really opened up to me.He told me the reasons behind the break up was because the girl's elder sister is struggling with a divorce right now and that's why the father doesn't allow love marriage and furthermore my brother's girl is just 19... so yeah her father is not even  thinking of taking a chance on his girls life anymore. So the thing is, my used-to-be jovial brother is so heartbroken as he never fall for any girl that way before,like he truly loves her and the girl right now in full confusion of her own life.hmmm

My brother only concern was about the girl's life,he's worried about the girl's reputation,because everyone in her colony knows about their love story.He's afraid that this thing will affect the girl's future someday if she's fated to be with someone else.Finally he begs me to not to tell my mother about this (even he's afraid of her :P) ,I promised that I 'm good at keeping secrets but maybe [i will blog about it].:P

Before he leaves,he asked me. Are you in love with anyone currently? 
I said Yes,I'm in love with a'crazy guy'. 
Owh,why a crazy guy? ''Well,it just happens'' I said :-(

He smiled and tell me,always remember some guys are just afraid of COMMITMENTS
With my broken Tamil..I told him it doesn't matter whether the love story continues or ends halfway,what matter the most were all the lovely moments that you guys spent together..Its priceless,even when LOVE decided walk away,memories stays and bring smiles every now and then..

He couldn't help himself from smiling again. :D

[All this conversation happened in a bank and we didn't give a damn about people watching us weirdly :P]

P.S: Seriously I have no idea why did I come up with this post? ;-(i just felt like writing something :/
P.P.S: That sales girls annoyed me by showing ACNE solution cream when all I asked was for CLEANSER!! Come on!!! she don't have to REMIND me on my pimples :-/
P.P.P.S: Mom's beloved fridge of 16 years breaks down today,so she's not in a GOOD mood !!yeah I got scolded too for apparently no reason :-(


  1. Wow! Being jobless sounds fun looking at your life. he he. just kidding. Enjoy these moments they will never come back.

    SOrry for your cousin. i feel bad for him. he sounds like a kewl guy who worries about his gf's future.

    I disagree with one thing though, "whether the love story continues or ends halfway,what matter the most were all the lovely moments that you guys spent together" now this is very true but trust me when true love is snatched from you then you are worse than dead. Its a feeling that one has to experience. Now ofcourse age is also important. When we are in school or colege or young we will be able to move on quickly as heart is still young. But when you are settled down and seen enough and you meet someone who is the most special and when she is gone. Its over. might well be dead but even death takes pity on your condition and refuses to come. Hint: You start writing loooooong stories and magical creatures saving you. ha ha.

  2. AHHHHHHHHH..being jobless is definitely FUN..I AM enjoying every moment,Im not even thinking of applying for othe job :/
    yeah sorry for him..but I guess he will be okay seems like someone had gone trough that..awwwww..and I GOT THAT HINT i understand what inspires you to come up with longggggggggggggg stories and magical creatures..

    HAHAHA..I LIKE YOU :D really

  3. my jobless beleved/janeman
    the title is sundar.
    and btw firstly i just forgotto give you the usae of the word in the sentence - goes like
    aapka dhnayawad ( you're welcome)
    and yes i am soooo sad for your brother. and boys like him are a rare species na? as he is worried about the gals reputation instead of just the MOVE ON theme :/
    and the 1st para was awesome :)
    tell your brother
    life comes with packages/parcels some are wrong delivery and the ones which are right will make your life more than just life it will be a fairy tale and yes always remember people LEAVE. the reality of any story remains the same if the truth is understoood then is the LIFE :)


  4. @theotherside, thanks. Ooo i see you are tamil ammai. Vanakam! he he. Well i hve been there and i can imagine ur bros condition. Its like there are some feelings which can be understood only when we are in those shoes.

    Like the feeling of dipping a streamin hot idli in sizzling sambar and having a crispy vada on side. You can describe it as much as u want or correlate with a white guy how he feels about waffles or pancakes smothered in maple syrup but only the one who ate idlisambar can understands what we are talking about. Love is like that. ha ha.

  5. Oh my.. I'm also a bum. High five! LOL..

    Wow, your cousin.. he really seems like he's so inlove with the girl.. He's concerned with the girl's life. That's just so sweet..

    The father'd just being protective of his kid.. it's but normal. Trying to keep his daughter away from anything or anyone who can possibly hurt her. I guess there are just some things that they can't control. They're both young.. Only time will tell if they are fated to be together..

    For now, try to support your cousin.. all will be well. And I agree... MEMORIES are PRICELESS.

    Ah, heartaches. Breakups. :( Tsk.tsk..

  6. aww man.. i feel really bad for your cousin :( :( .. i really hope her dad agrees and it turns into a 'happily ever after' story..

    Whooaa.. you're seriously tat jobless??? lucky youu!!! :| ...

    hehe Poor mum.. 16 years ka fridge???! whooaaa...

  7. Ah u finally brought a smile on his cute little face...yes u are right, the moments spent toegther matters, not the destination of the relationship!
    And My mother and ur mother reacts absolutely similar :P

  8. Hmm, assurance given by a smart young lady here ;)

    It just happens, Alas! How true!

    P.S. Continue writing.
    P.P.S. Dont give a damn about the reminder
    P.P.S. *pities*

    *smiles love hugs*

  9. there is something u can give is by making him cheer up there are somethings in this world which are actually not in ur power
    n u write so well dnt give damn to others :)
    Stay happy :)

  10. Heartbreak makes a part of us die and nothing in the world can revive that part. He might move on, hopefully he will and soon but he will always be haunted by those memories but maybe there were good ones too.

    Something about this post made me nostalgic, TOSM, I can't quite work out what it is.

  11. Its great to read your post after a long time and seriously i my self am experiencing a break up ask me how it feels .. Anyways you rock .

  12. @suvy
    life comes with packages/parcels some are wrong delivery and the ones which are right will make your life more than just life it will be a fairy tale and yes always remember people LEAVE. the reality of any story remains the same if the truth is understoood then is the LIFE :)..loved this words..Mwahhhhhhhhh

    hot idli in sizzling sambar and having a crispy vada on side..awww..this makes me can you come up with that kind of comparison :P okay yaar..i understand..:)break ups are not that me I do understand :)

    YAY..high five :)yes he really loves that gal :)
    May all be well soon..take care honey

    aww..I hope so :) Me jobless but having fun :)and yes amma is quite an emotional type especially when it comes to her 16 years fridge :/

  13. @Red Handed
    yes darling a wide grin on his cute face ;)
    Aww..mothers *facepalm*

    @Beyond Horizon
    Me never smart,me always your sweet dumb head :D
    P.S: I will but the lazy me doesnt want to :/
    P.P.S: More people are reminding me on that :S
    P.P.P.S: thanks for the pities ;)
    Hugs and smiles ..Mwahhhh

    You are right!! and I loved your comment :

    We have to move on,some dreams might not the awakened eyes..something nostalgic..I hope it brings you smile Priyanka :)

    im happy to see you here..after a longggggggggggggg time.break up..hmm..i hope everything's good over there..smiles and hugs :D

  14. what can i say madam, im like tat only.

    here is my new story... lol let me know wat u think.

  15. okay will check it out..and no madam me friend :)

  16. I meant madam in a joking way. he he. indian english style my lady! he he.

    PS: did you heard , why this kolaveri di?

  17. joke huh? X-(

    Yes how could I miss that? its all over the net :D

  18. thanks for sharing. do blog about ur bro.
    and this is the 3rd time i read about the curtain. it seems means a lot to u lol.


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