Friday, October 28, 2011

A room that can’t fit all....

Goodbyes are hard especially when someone leaves you without one. It’s strange how life is. Just like a room, people walks in and out of your life all the time. Basically,when someone walks in through the entrance, another person had to walk out through the exit door.  As I mentioned earlier life is strange but it’s always fair. It balances the number of people in our life. It makes sure the room won’t be that crowded. Sometimes I wonder why everyone can’t fit in one room? Wouldn't it be nice to have everyone that you love at the same moment? Remember crowds could suffocate you, leaves you breathless at times. Some people just have to leave when the lessons learnt. Some leaves with a bear hug, some promises they’ll be back before dark, some prefer to sneak out through the back door when you were asleep and never intent to come back again. Some, you’ll be hoping for them to surprise you with a knock on the door every now and then, Some, will kept on nudging you for a cup of coffee and by arriving at the wrong time, interrupting all your plans. Some comes without invitation but leaves with a lasting impression. Some wanted to stay so much but have to leave because someone else needed them more than you. Too bad these ‘some’ you have to let go for better. Some, you never wants them to leave, some you never wants them to come back. Some will stay forever, like a good friend, a faithful companion.

But every time someone leaves, they leave a gift on the door step. A gift called memories. Some memories brings smiles, some brings tears. That’s life! A room that can’t fit all.

I wish I have a bigger room 

P.S: Mmmm coffee, anyone? I have some ice creams too..:) 
P.P.S :I wish I could learn Hindi just the way Elizabeth Gilbert learns Italy :D


  1. So beautiful , you described it so well. Love this part: "But every time someone leaves, they leave a gift on the door step. A gift called memories. Some memories brings smiles, some brings tears. That’s life! A room that can’t fit all."

    But what we have to remember is the gift the ones who leave let us to enjoy. It's not always easy and our heart feel lost many times. Time heal and I am on for coffee and Ice cream!!!!

  2. Its funny one sentence you call, life is fair and then ask, why the room can't fit all at the same time...I think..if all could be fitted in one room...then we wouldn't be able to see..whom do you need more or who is closer to will be quite complex..

    But, still lucky are those..whose rooms fits many...for they are..never alone...or may be they are...but they never feel it..

    Good Luck... :)

  3. @Marie
    That was really so sweet of you :)hmmm yeah memories stays all the time reminding us of the good old days :D and yeah coffee and ice creams for you..

    Okay I just realized that..:P life is fair in the sense that it balances the number of ppl in our life,making sure the room only fits some not everyone bcoz if it fits all that it could suffocates(life's fair,you see) ...just like math making sure both side of equation balances itself( I know giving math as example is the worst idea ever) :|

    I hope I answered your doubts :)

    and yeah we'll not be able to see if the room fits all :)

    some ppl are just lucky :|

  4. yes. but then its always wisest to move on...

  5. Life is fair? You're the first person that I have heard say that:) How positive:)

    And some goodbyes hurt too much to be said out loud don't you think, they are better left unsaid...

  6. hey,
    heard a lot from crystal about you , here for the 1st time.
    i have not read any articles before this but this one seriously is all praises from my side.
    the gift called memories but don't you agree some memories should be forgotten before they make your heart bleed ... for all the wrong people who came in your life..
    ahh..! i can someday agree to the point that life is fair atleast partially..
    but you wrote it beautifully..! :)
    yes i want some coffee..! :)
    p.s- following you ..! that was obvious point i guess :P :)

  7. Hey otherside :)
    Nice post with a sense of positiveness :)

    When someone walks out of our lives (said or unsaid) it makes us lose something. People might say move on and stuff, but I feel, its never easy to let go off your past, because every past, every memory with that person carries away a part of ourselves in it. Doesn't it? :)

  8. Sometimes its feel ugly to say Goodbye but sometime you cant wait for it to happen. I am at the latter stage. Cant wait to bid some people goodbye and keep them as memories which fade away slowly to sweet nothing!

    Felt nice to hear that you think LIFE IS FAIR. I pray it remains tht way for u always!

  9. The worst is when you leave w/o a goodbye! I could connect with the expecting a knock at the door bit....I wait for one too :)

  10. Its hard to say goodbyes esp to the ones too close to us..yet sometimes goodbye's are the only alternative we have!

    Nice post and sorry for the disappearing act exams were there!

    Take Care

  11. I was here for the words, the music made me stay.
    Together, they moved me. They did. I swayed. :p

  12. I want the coffee and the ice creams. please baby? :) Only chunks. I promise :P
    Coming to the post .. Aw, firstly *supertight hug* Good byes are tough, YES! Very. I remember having a Facebook status that went "I wish I could wash Goodbyes away from the face of this planet." I still do. I think they take the happiness off me for a while. All my friends , atleast most of the good ones have left for other schools, and I felt pretty vacuumed for a long while after they were gone. But you know what, now that I'm growing, I realize they're a necessity. You lose some, you gain some, you realize they only make you grow stronger. And you're left with memories, aren't they the beautifulest things to keep? I know all the philosophy seems like balderdash when someone is really down, but then, its life..and it goes on! YOu realize those ugly twitchy goodbyes shall only leave you stronger. And memories, they're worth clinging on. Trust me.

  13. and oh, Vanilla Twilight in the background. GOD I love you :O

  14. I just believe there is always GOOD in GOODBYE :)
    Gift of memories will be there forever but when they leave they make rooms for fresh people in your life. just be happy that it happened.
    Stay blessed !
    PS : I can help you to improve your hindi if you know even a lil bit :D

  15. as a kid i wrote this on the door of my room "everyone who enters makes me happy....some when they come, some when they leave."...:D

    very well written...too many people in life is a crowd...

    i loved when you said that there is a gift with all partings...the gift of memories...very well said :)

  16. @sneha
    I have moved on and Im still moving on..Thanks :)

    Goodbyes are essential darling,it makes the heart to stop wishing for some Hellos
    but then if the goodbye going to be hard,then its better left unsaid

    awwww honey,that's so sweet of you really..and crystal told you about me..arent she the cutest?yes she is :D
    some memories can never be forgotten especially if you want them to stay even when the heart bleeds,you will still smile somehow :)yes yes coffee for you.enjoy!!
    and you are are just so awesome
    thanks to crystal,now I got a new fren here ..mwahhh

    thanks darling,hope everything's fine at ur side
    and yes you are sooooo right..yes the leave a gift on their part but they carries along a part of ourselves when they leave :|

    there are some that I cant wait to bid goodbyes too,there are some that i dont want to bid goodbye as yet :)
    thanks babe,your recent post really made me laugh :P

    yes dear,goodbyes ahhhh!!! and yeah I guess everyone can connect with that knock on the waiting for one too :)

    heyyyyyyyyyaaaa..long time
    Glad that you are back..owh exam.i miss those days ..
    and I dont to say goodbye as yet,gosh cant they stay a little longer:)

    owh that really makes me smile..and you swayed..i believe you :)

    @Crystal darling
    You just want chunks? you can have the whole thing and pick your fav flavor,its on me :D and those hugs..awww..thanks and I need more of that hugs :)yeah i remembered those moments when i got misty eyes when my best fren announced that she's leaving to other place,I just cant accept the fact for days and kept on staring the empty desk of her..and wishing if only she dont have to leave..all my life I've been saying goodbyes dear..and i got tired of it and started to make peace with life instead by embracing those sweet memories..ahhh memories,I would say Im someone who keeps memory.. like forever..I never forget and I dont know how to stop missing those ppl who just had to leave :)I love you more :D

    That was really thoughful of good in every goobyes Im more than happy that it happened :D
    I will and you too stay blessed :D
    P.S..Owh I would love too and I can understand lil bit of Hindi

    Yeah some makes us happy when the enter our life and when they leave too

    too much ppl is dangerous
    thanks a lot for compliment..hope Hridhima doin fine over there :D


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