Sunday, October 2, 2011

I see faces and I see you

I wonder if anyone else has a similar life as me, maybe no because every face has a different story to tell. I love to observe people in a way that I actually wonder how’s their life could be? Is that guy with a funky hairstyle really feeling happy today? Yes I could see that clearly in the way that he hummed a song and walked with a style along the street. What could be the reason behind those sparkling eyes? Is the hairstyle makes him happy or being able to live his life according to his own will the reasons behind his wide grin or is this cool guy had just fallen in love? I wonder. Then, my greedy eyes shifted to that sales girl, who seemed to be so tired after persuading the customers to her stall, even when she’s exhausted, she looks gracious with that long, glowing hair, and yes that brings me to someone, Oh, how he loves long hair so much. While I was contemplating my own thoughts, a six feet figure attracts me to its sight, oh he looks dashing with that glasses, and my eyes decided to stay on the image for a little longer, well I can say it was indeed a treat for my eyes until a hot girl arrives and wrapped her arm around his, ahhh,he’s taken..that makes me to stop wondering for a while, and yes I have to admit they look awesome with each other.

Here I am, busy writing scripts about some strangers life, of some people whom I have no idea about their lives and a sudden thought came to my mind what if someone else observing me the same way that I do, what could they see in me…a girl who is totally lost in her own world, whom had been staring at everyone since few minutes ago and smiling without any particular reason? Doesn’t this girl have anything else to do besides stalking others with her eyes? I am not sure what’s running through their minds but they have no idea that I’m missing someone…someone who talks with me for hours, who listens patiently to all my rambles of the day and never fails to come up with the right words, someone who could make me smile even though he’s miles away, someone who taught me the rhythm of raindrops and someone who assures me that life shall get simpler for me, someone behind these words
…’re a free bird,
      you don’t have to worry about the world,
      you do what you like..:)

Angels come in many forms and yes most of the time they come in the form of a friend…

Yes I missed you

And now its raining and I smiled..I guess I don’t need an umbrella today*wink*


  1. You shouldn't worry much about what people might think about you.

    And may you find a reason to smile everyday.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. Aww just dnt listen to what people SAY about you.
    Haye . Rain i love rain and m so waiting for it but unfortunately its been like ages since it rained last time =(
    Much love xx

  3. I too have thought this way. I too wonder as to how others would be viewing me from the point of view, just the way i notice them. Who am i to them? What is my story according to them?

    Some people touch ur life the way noone did and maybe noone ever can.

    nice read!

  4. A very nice post and has a subtle message
    'Angels come in many forms and yes most of the time they come in the form of a friend…'

  5. Rain- it is such a poetic thing I tell you <3
    Just the way we notice, analyze, scrutinize people, I bet they do the same. Good or bad, life ! :)
    This was preeeetty!

  6. I do that too, stalk people with my eyes. I love second-guessing their moves, learning more about them, thinking about what they did before than moment, what they'll do after - all stemming from a love for Sherlock Holmes.

    Maybe that's a mini-form of stalking?:P

  7. self-ob :P
    we always wonder people might be thinking about us or looking at us, i wish i could read minds :D

    i stare at people, observe the clothes, style etc..... its fun :D

  8. @The Guy In The Mirror
    yes ..I have a reason to smile everyday
    you too stay blessed always

    Oh dear,its been raining almost everyday here,mmm..maybe i'll try sending some to u ;)

    @Red Handed u're an eye stalker..just like me :P,yes in a way nobody else did :D
    Thanks so much

    thanks a lot,appreciate the way u commented,hope to see u around :)

    yes it is,rain is beautiful,and thanks a lot for the lovely comment

    @PeeVee do? High five,yes its kinda mini-stalking :P

    hey there
    owh,how i wish I could read minds too..there'll less problem you see

    hehehe..yes its so much fun..almost like watching TV :P


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