Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fool,I am

The heart is a fool thing,it absorbs all the sweet words,and it wants more and more. The heart is a fool in a way that it kept on ignoring the signal's from brain when the brain was trying to tell you something all this while.It shuts off the reality.Who wants to face the reality when the dream is so tempting?Life has its own way in forcing you to face the reality even if you doesn't want to.It seems that reality isn't that friendly. My mother always warns me on trusting someone too much is not good.Well,my young age was too egoistic to follow the rules.It wants adventures,it wants fun..and now how is it feels to fell off from the highest peak? Right!It hurts and it crashes all the bones.Now it will take time to heal..but once its healed it becomes stronger. 

Its dangerous when you started to allow the heart to be in control,to make judgement for you in behalf of your mind.I guess its the time to let the mind to overrule your heart.For once let the mind rules,maybe it's the only way out! and now trust will be harder ..

P.S: I made a mistake..a big one..and its irreversible and I just realize that a moment ago..oh my


  1. Dear, I hope you are fine. It's much better to follow your heart, cause it takes you to places you won't access if you listen to your mind. But it's true when you follow your heart you are falling from a higher place, you break into pieces and only time can heal your wounds if you decide to let it do it, you lost your marks and you get hurt a lot, you might even hurt others lives. But know your heart will never let you down, he will get stronger and save you more than one time.
    Take care and remember we all do mistakes.

  2. Before anything else, * super-tight,crushing-the-bones hug*'
    The heart is indeed stupid on occasions, but sometimes listening to it is the wisest decisions. It can be misguiding , agreed, but really OSOM (I don't like the short form but can't find a better one) a lot of times its our heart that can lead to decisions flooding us with happiness.
    Yes, it pains. When you realize how your actions are irreversible and you have to bear the consequences, but believe in karma, just start believing that whatever happens is for a better life. Maybe doesn't LOOK that good, but will ultimately yield good.
    *Lots of positiveness to you* Mwahhh!

  3. I don't know from where i copied it,to whom shall i give credit to but it was in my quotes notebook. Just wanted to share with you :
    Every day dawns with a sunrise. Always, high days and low days.
    Blue skies of pleasure, there to enjoy. Celebrate.
    Dark clouds of storming hurt, however black, they always pass.
    Lessons to be LEARNED, not burdens to be CARRIED.
    and " Thinking with ur heart is a risky business,ur heart isn't good at critical reasoning "
    so next time whenever you step forward love/trust people but do judge them too if you don't wanna get hurt.
    Who the hell said if you judge people you won't be able to love them.I deny(personal experience)

    That is all i wanted to tell you.
    Take care gal.. *warm hug* :)

  4. What happened my cutie pie?..let me know inbox is waiting..
    And life takes us on various journey's to make us learn,unlearn and re-learn(one of them said this to me and i share this with you) can commit mistakes but they are just making you grow into someone better and lead a more beautiful life than you had :)
    It's okey sometimes to let your heart feels good..pain is inevitable my dear :)

    take care darling

  5. I hope everything's fine with you dear and that everything works out. :)

  6. Aw! Other side :(
    Don't worry things will just turn fine. Because, when you listen to heart, things usually dont go wrong. They might seem wrong at the moment, but eventually will turn out plain fine :)
    Just don't worry :) Nothing is lost and nothing will be :)

  7. :o
    That's what my mom used to say..

  8. Never let your heart wander, for it doesnt know whom to trust. Dont let your mind wander, for it wont trust or love anyone. Let both of them walk together, for then, your decisions will always be something you will never regret.

    Loved reading always!

  9. Mind tries to find reason and logic for everything..even when there is none...

    Heart will hear of no reason and logic for what it believes in..even when there is one.. :)

    Both are necessary...but..let the mind overrule heart...nay!! :P

  10. I never listened to what my heart has to say. Guess I've never trusted it. But then its alwayss, always on the wrong side :@ I still don't trust it 100% but sometimes I do :P

    Just a suggestion Don't let ur brain rule ur heart completly bcz then u not only end up hurting others but urself too. Trust ME i've gone through it more than once.

    David Borenstein said:

    "Feelings are not supposed to be logical. Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions."

  11. But at least you stayed true to what you felt?
    All of us make mistakes. But it's also true that this too shall pass.

  12. It gonna get better, sweetheart and you ain't no fool darling, just an honest butterfly! Smile :* :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~

    P.S: How do you know that Here without you is one of my fav songs. You impressed me! :)

  13. I don't know if you can really follow the heart and the mind, because sometimes they too fool us, making us do and believe what we shouldn't. Intuition, sometimes it doesn't work either. But most times heart, mind, and intuition are right.

  14. @Marie

    That was indeed very sweet of you..thanks for the concern..yeah we all do mistakes and thanks you made my day really :)

    Thanks babe,i hope that email really made u smile

    Thanks for sharing honey..those words are really nice and thanks again your words showed lots of concern ..thanks a bunch

    Yes darling I guess I have explained all
    thanks and I know you'll always be here

    Everything seems to be fine now..take care and thanks

    @The Updater
    awww..that was sweet..and yeah nothing was lost and nothing will ur recent post hope everything will be fine for u :)

    Mom's are always right :|

    @Red Handed
    That was really nice. never let any of them walk alone I guess :) thanks

    Very thoughtful of you but I guess Im confused here..Thanks for the comment anyway :)

    I guess Im not jumping into any conclusion right now..thanks for the comment

    Perfect blend will do I guess :)

    Thanks It'd passed now :)

    Yes darling it can only get better :)
    Moonlight u changed your name :P
    and yeah you liked the song that really makes me smile

    Yeah someone who follows my intuition all the time
    thanks for the comment :)

  15. I hope everything's fine though m bit late to ask =/

  16. Take a chill pill. Such things happen sometimes.

    Importantly don't worry because worrying is like a Rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

    Hope that wasn't too philosophical for a comment.

    Cheers :)

  17. @aman
    Yes everything's fine..thanks for asking :)

    hmmm yeah
    rocking chair and worrying,,okay That was really a good one,being philosophical at times is good

    and yeah Cheers


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