Monday, October 31, 2011

Crazy,cute silly wishes

I have little little wishes
Caged in empty glass bottles
Hopping and knocking the walls
Racing towards each other
To glitter the sky like fireworks
Crazy,cute,silly wishes,I have
Closed buds shakes their heads,No No No
Day dreamers nodded Yes Yes Yes
For the skies to blanket me at nights
For the stars to decorate my four walls
For the moon to follow me everywhere
For the flowers to bloom with my name
For the butterflies to share their wings
For the lovers to speak their hearts
For the birds to sing me love songs
For the rainbow to spill their colors
For the crescent to swing me away
Amidst these silent wishes,
Angels slowly whispered
God had just said 'Yes'
To all my crazy cute silly wishes

P.S: Err...I wasn't really sure of posting this but I felt good after writing this piece..Really :D


  1. ay God continue saying YES to all ur crazy cute wishes..
    Those lines made me smile :)

  2. Crazy, silly cute wishes from a sweet little girl...How can he say No ;)

  3. Crazy Cute Silly Wishes.
    May all your wishes come true! :D

  4. Your crazy cute *not silli* wishes are far different from the worldly pleasurable wishes. Thats why there was a tinged of contentment and happiness when you ended up with this piece...

    Loved reading it !!
    Take care CUTEheart ;)

    PS : Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, makes me cheerful.

  5. Oh He has? He kinda had to, I suggested you're not all that bad bwahahaha :D
    This was adorable. Really. Its the satisfaction that comes after fulfillment of such wishes that makes life happy yappy! :)

  6. hopefully all ur wishes shall come true:)

  7. Crazy, cute or silly - I don't think so, because I wish that you'll be able to dream and wish and receive only the best. Good words. you

  8. Awwh!
    This made me smile. It's So cute! <3

  9. Hieeeee,
    Thanks for the comment and the follow up
    And you know what?? this is an awwww poem
    Like a sweet smile and say awwww with the beautiful little things mentioned in it
    I srsly liked it…
    Specificallly the yes ,yes and the no, no part :P
    P’s- gonna say ya hie tomm 2 crys baby..!

  10. Awww... Really cute and silly :)

    I hope god bless and say Yes to all your wishes. <3

  11. Aww! I hope all your wishes come truee :D

  12. They are cute and crazy but certainly not silly for each of the wishes are as important as any other. Beautiful write, am glad that you posted it.

  13. God just said 'yes'..hehe wishful :P Most poems i read are deep and makes me ponder. This one for a change was really cute:P

  14. "For the skies to blanket me at nights
    For the stars to decorate my four walls
    For the moon to follow me everywhere" <33

    This poem is beautiful, nothing else. <33

  15. Hopping and knocking the walls
    Racing towards each other
    To glitter the sky like fireworks
    Crazy,cute,silly wishes,I have.....

    These lines reminded me of fireflies/glow worms put inside glass bottles which is craving to come out and glitter in this beautiful world!!!!
    hey Great Post!!! I enjoyed

  16. may god bless you :) and you do get whatever you wish for...

    ps: post it all you like, its your blog...

  17. Very interesting blog, I'll come back to go through your posts.
    For now accept my joining your site to follow your blog for every post.

    I invite to join my page ---thanks a lot.

  18. Kaash all of us had such simple, sweet wishes!! :)

  19. If only our wishes could come true and we could live in our dream lands where things are beautiful and colourful :)

    Nice post :)

  20. Sounds like cute crazy silly wishes of a princess locked away :p <3 it :D

  21. And I was right, you indeed are a cute little beautiful princess, whose happiness dwells in nothing big, but colorful li'l simpler things. Pure sweetness this piece is :) God bless you :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

    P.S: I second what Chintan said.
    You ain't here to impress people, but to connect with your own self a li'l too much more :)

  22. @Red,Ahhh..God always generous with me even when I'm sulking a lot :D Thanks babe and now smiles back :)

    @Poonammmmmmmmmmmm..That was sweet,God loves you and me a lot ;)

    awww :D thanks a lot

    @Reicha darling
    awww..thanks honey and that CUTEheart thing is really cute..
    P.S : i just wrote what i straight from heart :D..thanks again..u make me feel cheerful too

  23. @Crystal baby
    yes yes,,he had too huh :D..Thanks baby
    that was really a nice to say,and im happy like a lot

    @sneha,thanks honey :D

    ahhh..wish you the same too..good luck with the book and stay blessed

    hey lady,you makes me smile too :)and thanks ya

    hiii darling,no prob..your blog is awesome
    and those lines were my fav too..glad that you commented on that part
    P.S: and yeah can you pass my hugs for her too :D and yeah hugs to you too

  24. @wonderwall
    Thanks babe,i wish the same for you too :)

    thanks a lot ..hope all your wishes comes true as well :)

    thanks Im glad too that I posted it :D

    thank you so much my sweet friend ;)

    hey thanks ..but honestly I cant write deep poems..imma just not good with it :D

    hey cute gal,thanks a lot ;)

    ahaaaaaaa...i like fireflies a lotttttttttttt..and that was exactly what I thought when i penned down those lines..thankssss..

    thanks a lot :D and yeah I will remember your words each time I post something here

    I just wanna tell you i love purple and yeah thanks :D

    thanks I accept your joining with a big hug..enjoy ur moments here :D

    wishes should be simple,so that its easier for God to grant all those wishes

    ahhhh..if onlyyyyyyyyyy ;D
    and thanks

    yeah im a princess locked away..I wish I could come out..and did you just call me princessss..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..thanks baby

    again lovely name,and you called me princess too,and cute little beautiful makes meto give you a tight hug..and thanks a lot darling
    P,s..yeah i will keep that on my mind,always :D

  25. I'm SO glad you wrote this and then posted it because I FEEL GREAT after reading it!

    Absolutely LOVE it! I found you on Serendipity's blog award post ~ came to check out your awesome blog! "Here Without You" was playing when I surfed in ~ LOVE that song!

    Best Wishes,
    Fiona :)

  26. thanks dear

    Thanks to serendipity got a amazing blog there too..and here without here is just mind blowing :)

    Glad that I posted this :)


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